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Greetings Midgardians!
Though May is already thoroughly underway, we're closing it out with some big news and big events!

Read on to find out about our 10th anniversary, the 14.2 update, a new RO maintenance time, item giveaways, point sales, and double exp for this week. Click on the Event titles to go to the detail pages!

14.2 Coming Soon
Explore the new frontiers in the Ash Vacuum!

The adventures in the Ash Vacuum continue as you delve deeper into Alfheim the land of the Laphine Fairies in Episode 14.2 on the renewal server Chaos.

In their efforts to continue to trace the path of Satan Morroc, brave adventurers crossed the legendary Bifrost bridge and discovered a lost city, Eclage. There they found that the Laphines of Eclage were completely separated from their brothers in Splendide because of the Hazy Forest Labyrinth.

The city of Eclage was built around a giant tree and is the main base of the Laphines who created it to combat the Giants of Jotunheim. Be one of the first adventurers to explore this new land and help uncover the mysteries it has to offer, next month!

New adventures in the New World await...

iRO 10th Anniversary
Celebrate our Tencennial!

Yes, can you believe it? Ragnarok Online is celebrating 10 years of fun, friends and the demise of untold hordes of monsters. It seems like only yesterday we were all starting out as novices, learning the ropes and looking to survive the wrath of Baphomet. In honor of our big Tencennial, we have a special anniversary quest arriving in June!

Maintenance time change
Weekly maintenance time changes to Wednesdays 9am-12pm PDT next week!

In order to get more time to plan, prepare, and implement our weekly updates to the game we have moved the maintenance time from it's traditional Tuesday evening ritual to Wednesday mornings.

Monsters get a boost this week!
Double EXP until maintenance 5/29

This week we are instituting double exp for the next week, which doubles the amount of experience that all monsters give when killed. This event will be on both Classic and Renewal.

Point Top-UP Event
First Conversion bonus boosted

Spring is in the air and so are the savings! In celebration of the most May of months, we have boosted the once per month conversion bonus when you convert WPE into Kafra Points! All first conversions from Warpportal Energy into Item Mall points will receive an additional 20% bonus points until June 3rd.

For more information please visit: Official Site | Follow on Facebook