Author Topic: 6/12/2013 Maintenance changes-Anniversary Events.  (Read 1843 times)

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6/12/2013 Maintenance changes-Anniversary Events.
« on: June 13, 2013, 11:41:47 AM »

June 12
-Anniversary main quest arrives, prizes added for poring ticket turning in-ing.
Begin the Anniversary quest here:

Vintage Orc Hero helm HP/SP effects arrive next week.

-Tae Kwon Masters make their Classic debut
- +150% monster EXP, Prontera spotlight monsters retain doubled exp. With the VIP bonuses we're at 3x exp even without battle manuals!
-Endless tower coming next week
-Prepping Veins for next month

We've counted up the votes and unless there are 30+ votes for one of the other options, it does appear that our new WoE 2 time will be Sundays 12 noon-2pm PDT

It won't switch this week, it will be changing next week so WoE 2 next week will be June 23rd 12-2pm.

June 5
-Anniversary Quest: Poring Festival and Prelude to Invasion quest
The quest ends with you being sent to Izlude to partake in the festivities, the main quest goes in next week!

-Prontera/Izlude Spotlight

VIP bonuses boosted for the month! 150% exp/150% drops/33% exp loss ib death ---->200%exp/200%drops/25% exp loss on death

Custom Classic spawn changes being fixed. See them here

Voting is underway in Prontera, speak to the NPC south of Prontera Castle

June Lucky Box Arrives, May groove pack retreats

Prepping TKM for the 12th

Prepping Endless tower for the 19th


Celebrating 10 years of Ragnarok Online, from whence we began in June of ought 3.

+Full Anniversary quest arrives
Begin the quest by speaking with the NPC Annie:

+Prontera/Izlude Spotlight continues

+1.5x exp beginning, next week +1.5 drops. These stack with the VIP bonus to be 3x, which can be further increased with gum/manual use!

+RO PVP tournament announced for June 22nd

+Rewards for Poring Festival tickets added. Four new headgears with some very cool class-specific effects, which can be purchased in the kafra shop or by turning in Festa Medals.

The Poring Fedora will also be available in the shop or as a reward for completing the anniversary quest.

-Headgears cycling out of the kafra shop for now

+Prontera Costume Pack +10 and +7 chance reward items have been properly distributed, if you were due and didn't receive check your code the redeemer storage. If you have your stuff, please close your tickets!!

+Enriched Hammer, Eat Gear continue and the bulk Enriched boxes will be added to the shop

Turn ins:

low: Gajomart/Cendrawasih
mid: Engkanto/Archdam
high: little fatum/pom spider
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