Author Topic: 7/24/2013 Maintenance changes  (Read 1607 times)

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7/24/2013 Maintenance changes
« on: July 23, 2013, 11:36:12 PM »

-Continuing to prep USRC arena with leveling, item, skill reset, etc. NPCs for people to set up characters and practice in special area on Classic server.
-Preparing next month's spotlight (Louyang)
-Sunday fire sale NPC fixed and will be visiting next Sunday.
Projects we will be working on developing after Classic USRC setup is complete:
-Long Quest with chance of receiving slotted mid-gear
-Update to Classic cooking (be able to break 20 minute foods into 5 minute versions)
-20 point stat reset NPC
-Better novice training area
Also, we are getting more GM resources spent specifically hunting bots, so please make sure to send in reports.

King Poring Event arrives on Renewal!
The gigantic king of the porings appears in the south Prontera Field! Defeating him will cause Poring Coins to rain down, which can be traded in towards fun prizes including colored poring hairbands which can be enchanted and King Poring himself (in hat form) which can be transformed into a costume. I'll have a event page up soon for this. This event will be in for four weeks.
Turn Ins:
  • -70-100 - Rafflesia/Ground Petite
  • -101-125 - Ferus / Bewler
  • -126-150 - Parus / Dolomedes

Eclage costumes fixed
Hunting cap can now be equipped by anyone.