Author Topic: 08/14/2013 Maintenance changes  (Read 1838 times)

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08/14/2013 Maintenance changes
« on: August 14, 2013, 06:59:35 PM »

-100 point item giveaway promotion: Spend 100kp during august and receive a Classic Bright Red Dress hat. These will be distributed to participating accounts weekly during the promotion period. One headgear per account.
-Last week of RWC gear boxes in the Kafra shop. The enchanting tickets and NPCs will remain.
-Costume headgears from Alora lose their exp boost: Puppy Ear, Detective Hat, Blank Eyes, Bunny Band
-Last week of King Poring Quest
-Louyang Spotlight quest!
-New August Lucky Box for sale in the Kafra shop, in for one week.
-kRO Enchants for Fallen Angel Wings are being introduced. The enchanting NPC can be found in the Eden Group Kitchen.
70-100 Teddy Bear / Siroma
101-125 Gazeti Centipede Larva / Ancient Mummy Wanderer
126-150 Banshee / Miming
-changed High TI map to Comodo Dungeon Manuk Field 3
Internal testing of new navigation update this week. With this, the game draws a navigation line down leading you to the NPC you need to talk to. You can set the coordinates too, so you have your own personal GPS wherever you go!


No more clumsy "choose your stat" decision when you're just starting! The new training grounds eases you in a bit better.
Along with that we also have a new quest system, which displays the sprite of the NPC you talk to next, and actually can show your quest progress onscreen, so you don't have to constantly have your quest window open!


-USRC arena fixes
-Prontera Renovation continues: Prontera Warp Pass now deposits players near to Primo D'Buffer in South Central Prontera.
-Last week of King Poring's Quest
-Preparing Classic August Lucky box for next week
-100 point item giveaway promotion: Spend 100kp during august and receive a Classic Bright Red Dress hat (different effect on Classic). We'll be distributing these weekly through code the redeemer to participating accounts on Renewal. You can pick them up on a Renewal character then send in a ticket with what character has it and what Classic character you want to have it moved to. One hat per account.
-1st draft of plan for Slotted Mid Quest completed, working on scripting
-Project after that is 20 point stat reset