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« on: October 03, 2008, 03:02:50 PM »
  • As an official iRO fansite, we do not support or assist anyone with pserver problems. Any threads or posts requesting help on pservers or information on them will be locked/removed. Repeated postings will result in an infraction.
  • Similarly, asking for assistance with botting or other illegal 3rd party programs is also forbidden.
  • Do not post threads asking for help with committing software piracy/hacking/keylogging/password/software cracking. This forum's purpose is to assist with legitimate technical problems, not to assist in any illegal/malicious activity. Threads and posts asking for help with these activities or offering advice on how to commit them will be removed and the poster warned or infracted. Even though you yourself may have legitimate non-malicious reasons for wanting help with these, we cannot open ourselves to any liability that may occur were we to allow such discussions to take place. As such, we are forced to institute this zero-tolerance policy for discussion of potentially malicious cyber activites.
  • If someone has a Vista problem and you decide to be unhelpful by telling them to "Use XP" or something similar, you will be infracted.
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