Author Topic: Activation e-mail problems? Click here.  (Read 3681 times)

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Activation e-mail problems? Click here.
« on: September 19, 2007, 11:14:53 AM »
Lots of people are having problems with the e-mails from this site ending up in your spam filters, or worse, not getting them at all. Most of the bounced activation e-mails I get are bounced because of invalid addresses. The most important of these emails being the activation e-mail, because without it, you will not be able to post.
I added a nice header to the main page if you are in the unactivated group. Can't miss it!
The very first thing to check is your spam folder. Did the email end up in there?
To ensure you get emails from this forum, please add to your white lists, allow lists, safe lists, address books, or whatever your email uses to mark it as not being spam. If you have the option to just whitelist the domain, do that, as the wiki sends emails out as well.
Once you fix your SPAM filters, click here to resend your email:
If the email is not in your inbox or spam folders even after following the above steps, then check to see if you spelled your email address properly, click here:
If it's incorrect, correct it, and the forums will resend the link.
If you change your spam filters, your e-mail address is spelled properly, and your e-mail is still rejected contact us with your forum name and email address and we'll see what we can do to help.
If people who know how to do so could post about how to add an address/domain to your safe list using hotmail, gmail, yahoo, and other common email providers, that would be awesome. I've been trying to search the internet for instructions to repost here and am having no luck.
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