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Media and Artwork / Share Your Replay Files
« on: February 15, 2014, 05:59:58 PM »
Share your replay files here! I haven't seen a thread specifically for these, so it would be cool if folks had a place to do so.

For those unfamiliar with the Replay system, I've just made an article on the wiki about it:

The beauty of it is how small the files are. Recording long game sessions this way results in much much smaller files than Fraps or straight video capture would be. Really wish we'd had this system back in '04.

iRO News Archive / Ygg + Ymir Merge & God Items News
« on: October 05, 2012, 09:42:54 AM »

We've been working on the merger plans since April, not because we knew it was going to happen but we knew it was a strong possibility. The solution is being developed right now, and likely won't be ready for us to use it until very Late october or more likely early in November. It will be Ygg merging into Ymir, we do it this way because the amount of data 'collisions" will be less doing it that way thus a cleaner merge. From the player point of view it will be your characters are now on that "new server" which will be named "Ymir" because change is confusing.

Now the God item discussion: Yes it is a touchy subject, and any change will undoubtedly make someone unhappy, just as doing no change will cause a very real issue in the long run (multi-year from now) due to quantity. This is what is happening with the WoE 1 items. (WoE 2 items are unchanged you can trade and do stuff with them to your hearts content).

1. God items will get bound up to the named owners account during the merge.
2. The items will be full powered and account bound.
3. If the owner wants to make it tradable an NPC will allow that:
- NPC will eat the perm item, give you a box (and a quest timer)
- Box contains a 6 month, full powered god item
- When 6 month expires both the item and your quest timer will be expired
- NPC will allow you to get another 6 month box. NPC will do this 4 times total: for 2 years worth of that god item.
4. NPC tracks the timer by character, so you will need to use multiple characters to have multiples of same god item in tradable form. You can have 1 each going in the quest timer though per character.
5. If you (account) has more than 9 of Same god item you could either opt to use it after the 2 years to keep it going longer. Or the GM team may allow you to move it to another account on your WP.
6. GM team will no longer readily intervene for God item moving and investigating. It is going to be back in the players hands as it used to be. The rubber banding will in essence be that 6 month timer expiring.
7. Special cases such as you have too many items under that account to use them all are the only intended cases of GM movement of them.

This seemed the best balance to allow longer term usage of the god items, while lessening the amount of RMT, and GM requests for item movement. It also serves the game purpose of rewarding continued play and activity by guilds to keep god items in their play, instead of accumulation by old guildies it becomes a "your current guilds" project to keep up with the god item scene.

The god item creation was originally intended to update as well, but that change is more than kRO is willing to bite off right now, and it is something that would have reaching effects to all ROs not just us because of examples we set.

IF this fails there is nothing stopping us from undoing it, but I honestly don't feel that the current amount of God items is healthy, when compared with the number of characters playing. It will take time for it to correct itself, but it will correct itself and we should have a more active WoE scene where the powerful are the ones playing rather than the ones that had elite acquaintences in the past. It was asked about how many WoE 1 god items were on Ymir: I don't have a "now" number but I did that pull last year: There are 208 MADE WoE 1 items, with more than 200+ worth of pieces still floating around. Some of those may be dead accounts or a GM here and there, but the vast majority (then) are in player hands and active.

I'm updating this info to the first post for clarity. Your feedback while brusque at times was appreciated and did allow fine tuning of this change to better handle your needs.

Off Topic / Black Mesa Source Coming Soon!
« on: September 02, 2012, 08:28:16 AM »
We're freaking out over here! It is so exciting to share this news with you!

  • You can now Download the Black Mesa Soundtrack, courtesy of our very own Joel Nielsen, at the very generous price of whatever you want! Enjoy and share!
  • In the near future you'll see our Website, Wiki and Forums all taken down temporarily for renovations.
  • On September 14th you will see the first release of Black Mesa! This will include our re-envisioning of Half-Life all the way up to Lambda Core. We believe this is a great way to provide a complete-feeling 8-10 hour experience with a solid ending, make our fans happy and help us make the best overall game possible.

We are still working hard on Xen and BMDM, but instead of making you wait we are giving you Black Mesa as soon as it's ready! We're doing our best to help bring the immense vision of this project into reality, and we are very excited for what the future brings!

High-Fives Yo,
Carlos Montero - Project Leader

Dis gon be gud :popcorn:

Off Topic / [NSFW] 50 Shades Generator
« on: August 29, 2012, 01:06:20 AM »

Sooo I stumbled upon this hilarity. I propose everyone add their own reading of a passage! Here is an example (not mine):

I may add one later :3

iRO News Archive / 7/24/2012 Maintenance Changes
« on: July 24, 2012, 11:49:08 PM »
- Apply some fixes to the Summoner based on feedback and reports to make it more party friendly with resetting your ability to go in.
- More fixes (rewriting the whole thing) for the Botwana Malaya instance.
- Merry Badger will stop taking MVP gear in exchange for Eden Merit Badges. Don't worry those items will be used in the WoE update to do "investments".
- Exchanger for the Hawt Groove Pack items Baklava and GM Support Scrolls to get Battle Manual X3.
4 of a specific GM Scroll for 1 Battle Manual X3
100 Baklava for 1 Battle Manual X3
- Cd in Mouth will have a much enhanced effect. https://www.facebook...gnarok?filter=1 see video near top.
- Enriched Hammer on

70-95 Zipper Bear Alarm
105-120 Vanberk Isilla
125-140 Knocker Imp

-Kunlun is being added, see what kind of stuff came with the Kunlun update on this page!
-Mob adjustments see thread
-Those that use the Magic Stone, can get a special +200% exp for 30 minutes (1 time) by talking again to the "Magical Stone Checker", you will get the option to use it now or not after will offer you options to go to a dungeon (1 time).
-MVPs will no longer Earthquake, this will stay that way until Trans update, so go get Bapho!
-Dungeon Teleport scrolls 10 box for 75pt.
-Rental Gears implemented. Lower powered shield, shoes, garment options. These are intended to be permanent.
-Shield +6 Buckler 15% reduce from specific race (will have a shield per race) This effect may be too weak to justify a rental per race. Feedback please, I only want to put in stuff that is of use to you.
-Shoes +6 Shoes 10% bonus SP and 5% faster SP regen
-Shoes +6 Shoes 10% bonus HP and 5% faster HP regen
-Garment +6 Muffler +15 flee
-Garment +6 Muffler 15% resist Neutral


iRO News Archive / 7/19/2012 Maintenance Changes
« on: July 19, 2012, 09:19:58 PM »
  • Added new summoner system with Tao Gunka, Kiel-D-01, and Valkyrie Randgris
  • Costs 4 Eden Merit Badges to start the summoning, and VIP (or the temp VIP from the reset stone).
  • You have 15 minutes to clear the instance
  • Kill 1st wave, 2nd wave spawns
  • kill 2nd wave, 2nd wave respawns with MVP
  • Bug Fixes

-Working on Bangungot instance
-Fixed the effects of the CD In Mouth to properly remove the special effects
-Re-applied yesterday's eden patch for the 115-130 gramps TIs[/list]

Classic: Rental items
equivalent to +7 of that gear type,
All of them havr a bonus effect of +40% attack damage on water creatures.
Weapons available for 250 pts. These selections will remain for 4 weeks, with another element set being added in August 2 (so 2 sets will be in then)
  • Rental Saharic Saber
  • Rental Saharic Gladius
  • Rental Saharic Chain
  • Rental Saharic Book
  • Rental Saharic Hypnotist's Staff
  • Rental Saharic Knuckle Duster
  • Rental Saharic Lute
  • Rental Saharic Wire
  • Rental Saharic Bastard Sword
  • Rental Saharic Jur
  • Rental Saharic HammerAxe
  • Rental Saharic Trident
  • Rental Saharic Crossbow
  • We also built shuriken and gun types but no reason to put them in right now.
  • Armor sets are being developed currently.
  • Fixing sign quest
  • Weapons for hunting water creatures

iRO News Archive / 7/17/2012 Maintenance Changes
« on: July 17, 2012, 09:11:05 PM »
  • Updating Niflheim Spotlight.
  • - Warper to Niflheim in Eden Group
  • - If you've completed the Sign, have the Sign (equipment) and completed all the Niflheim spot light quests, Engel the Blacksmith in the Mjolnir Coal mines will allow you to put a select card in your "The Sign" Card options, which you need to bring with the Sign are:

Creamy Card
Horong Card
Joker Card
Kobold Card
Kukre Card
Mantis Card
Muka Card
Obeaune Card
Phen Card
Poison Spore Card
Poporing Card
Smokie Card
Spore Card
Tarou Card
Vitata Card
Wormtail Card
Yoyo Card
Zerom Card
  • He will continue to offer this service even after the spotlight ends, provided you completed all the Spotlight quests.
  • Hawt Groove Pack in for 150 pts until July 31st
  • Always get 1 Ea Male and Female GM Support Mercenary! (cute support Merc)
  • 2x Golem Transformation scrolls
  • Stunner Shades 3 Def mid gear
  • Naval Officer Hat Looks good and extra damage to water creatures
  • Burning CD "Lower headgear, copies a skill randomly"
  • 25x Baklava HIGH HP and SP restore item
  • Thursday 7/19 at 5pm we will have to restart the servers to try and put in the Summoner with 3 options : Discuss your 3 option desire in the thread.
  • The VIP bonus on the Renewal servers extends until 7/24, so enjoy it!
  • Turnins.

90-110 Desert Wolf / Roween Rachel field 12
115-130 Removal / Khalitzburg Glastheim Churchyard
135-150 Ancient Tree / Phylia El Dicastes fild 1


iRO News Archive / 7/10/2012 Maintenance Changes
« on: July 10, 2012, 10:22:23 PM »
  • Exchanger for expo tickets in the eden group upstairs Prize machine.
  • New Spotlight : Niflheim!
  • Gramps will get some new stuff
  • 70-95 Uzhas and Bathory
  • 105-120 nightmare Terror and Anolian
  • 125~140 Dolomedes and Frus
  • Resetting Alchemist rank (half year mark)
  • Discontinue the Daily quen for a bit (repurposing him)
  • Fixing instance maps having "wonky" effects should be back to normal after maint.
  • Wikibain Ears : 5% chance to activate 25% mdef ignoring for 5 seconds. When that 5 seconds starts an effect will show on your character.


iRO News Archive / Classic Server Name Poll [Facebook]
« on: July 06, 2012, 09:45:36 AM »

iRO News Archive / 7/5/2012 Maintenance Changes
« on: July 05, 2012, 08:15:26 PM »
Events ending

- VIP sale
- Anniversary Extravaganza Box
- 2x EXP
- 2x Drops
- TIs stay the same (instead of giving a new TI that is only 5 days long) until tuesday the 10th
- Enriched is out
- Boxter is out
- Anniversary Expo ends. A ticket converter will be put in Tuesday the 10th in the Eden Group.

Alora headgears still give bonus.

Maintenance is shorter because we just needed to end those events.


iRO News Archive / 6/26/2012 Maintenance Changes
« on: June 27, 2012, 07:53:02 AM »

-3x exp goes down to 2x+2x drops after maintenance.
-Anniversary quest continues
-New turn ins:



Angra Mantis
Pom Spider

-Localizing work on Bangungot instance
- RWC items leave the kafra shop.
- Putting in "Participants Request Box" 1000pt Contains Animated Wikebaine's Cat Ears and Gangster's scarf Item. (you get both)


iRO News Archive / 6/19/2012 Maintenance Changes
« on: June 19, 2012, 11:26:59 PM »
  • Double Drops ends
  • Double Exp until 26th goes in
  • Boxter Comes to town, she will give good value on the Devi/Poring/ and Sleeper items.
  • Part III of anniversary quest goes in.
  • Gramps, we have one setup, but if you have ideas you want in tell us by 3pm tomorow.

70-95 Firelock, Poison Toad
105-120 Ancient Mummy Wanderer
125-140 Antler Scarabs, Imps
  • Eat Gear and Enriched hammer arrive for 1 week
  • Sale of Enriched Elu and Ori are available.

And just so you don't have to look too deeply.

USRC should be setup and testable by Tuesday night. Thursday we will reset Sakray so you will need to remake any characters thurs/friday before the Saturday morning tournament.


Off Topic / Maestia CB Keys
« on: June 15, 2012, 10:41:06 PM »

I don't really have any desire to play, so putting these up for grabs. If you use one, please post so I can remove it.

iRO News Archive / 6/12/2012 Maintenance Changes
« on: June 13, 2012, 08:06:40 AM »
  • WPE - > Kafra point conversion event
  • 2500 ~ 4999 = 20% bonus
  • 5000 ~ 9999 = 25% bonus
  • 10,000 + = 30% bonus
  • Don't forget GoCash gives you a special prize for every $7 worth of GoCash cards redeemed.
  • Ultimate Game Card is giving bonus 20% WPE when you use the UGC for purchases.
  • Adding in a Big Lucky Box for 3 weeks through July 3rd (contents still being updated)
  • Yggdrasil Character transfer being re-enabled
  • Yggdrasil Character creation being re-enabled at 3 slots for non-VIP.
  • Gramps new turn-ins

- 90-110 - Pinguicula / Heater
- 115-130 - Centipede / Echio
- 135 -150 - Miming / Little Fatum
  • Anniversary quest is getting its next stage added.
  • Holy Marcher Hat heal bug is being fixed
  • Double Drops thourgh June 19th!


iRO News Archive / iRO Pre-Renewal Server Opening Soon
« on: June 07, 2012, 06:04:25 PM »
Anyone who claims that RO players here are not passionate about the game, should be here today. You all really sounded off fast about the possibility of a Yggdrasil merger to allow for an easy transition for a pre-renewal server. Mergers are not usually a happy fun time thing for communities, we do know that, and certainly we don't want that completely overshadowing what should be at least a little bit exciting for all of our players. iRO is doing good, but better is always preferred, offering more options to give more ways of play for more players is a great way to go from good to better.
Pre-Renewal certainly may not be your cup of tea, but I know everyone can agree that some players feel that way about Renewal, and having another option is great for them. As gamers and people and as a business, we know that more options that can be offered is better than fewer options. So with that we certainly want to open a new Pre-Renewal server this summer to start off our summer of updates.
We discussed internally what back up options we had to get the best out of everything and have come up with an alternative. We will be combining a bit of server resources to make a 4th world for this Pre-Renewal server. As the months go by we will monitor its performance as well as the current 3 servers performance to figure out the best use of our resources. When all goes as planned it will only mean more will be allocated!
So to firmly answer the most common statements I've heard about the old situation:
1. There is no merger planned for now.
2. If a merger ever does happen the following would occur.
You get to decide what server your account will merge too. And moved there for free.
All characters will go to that server, if no choice is made, you would default to a pre-selected server (likely Valkyrie).
All items, god items, storage will move.
Families move
Guilds move with leader
If a name conflict occurs you will get a free name change
If you have more characters between server & Destination server we should be able to allow you to play all of them (yes maybe 18 characters on 1 server). If that solution doesn't work then an extra account would be made like account_#. But we currently are working with a solution that no longer needs that extra account.
The idea is the merger is as painless and as non-game changing for you as possible, with the only change being what other players you are playing with then.
3. Pre-Renewal server should open up within the next few weeks, we will be running promotions and events with you to make it as a big of a deal as possible.
4. More lag? Not really, any latency that exists would be either each server dependent, or network dependent, the games don't use anywhere near our bandwidth cap, and even if they did it wouldn't increase because of another server. Increase load on network is almost entirely made up of more players existing rather than more hardware.
5. Why can't 4 servers just be a natural thing rather than ever discussing merging? Optimization, servers are expensive, as is finding space in our IDC for them, and this is an action that could possibly fail despite preparation. Buying more hardware for this would not be wise at this time when we had a better resource usage available. But if things pan out 4 servers certainly will be an option on the table.
6. Server transferring? Right now moving off Ygg can be done by you if you want to. With the Pre-renewal server coming there won't be transfers to or from for quite awhile. Perhaps later transfers FROM that server might be possible (in theory a conversion process from old-> new exists) but there is no foreseeable desire to allow transfer from Renewal -> pre, mostly due to the exp gain being lopsided in that case.
7. Pre-Renewal is OLD, why you want OLD? RO is a different breed than just about any other game out there, so few games have had as a huge of a game play change as renewal. It really could be a separate game, and we want to take advantage of that. Yes official updates would be limited, but we are a very firm believer that expanding maps means less than expanding activities. There are tons of stories that can be developed and told in a pre-renewal server, plus it is a very stable build. We have more options with that pre-renewal server than we did when we were actually in pre-renewal. The server will be item mall served, but it won't be the same options as Ymir, Yggdrasil, Valkyrie have. There also will be adjustments to item acquirement to address the economy issue BEFORE it becomes an issue. At the start, no WoE until we get a bunch of 99s. The server will start without Trans quest being available, this is so we can get many up to 99 before implementing that, and also let the server growth determine when updates occur. The game "physics" will be 13.2, but the towns, quests monsters etc will be much earlier. There are tons of towns and maps that were under utilized, we want to bring the core game experience to you without adding repetitive content that just spreads it all out, updates do not equal new maps. The server will grow in its story as time goes by, giving us and our community a chance to develop story arcs that can be explored that just aren't possible on the Renewal system. Morroc isn't destroyed, that is 1 big difference to begin with, the "epic tier" gears like Randgris and Morocc and Nidhoggur drops won't be available at all or for a very long time, and their acquirement may be changed.
Edit: The below announcement was rescinded by the above. I kept it for future reference, though it is NOT what will now be happening!
Yggdrassil will be closing to open as a pre-renewal server!
We will have details on the pre-renewal launch coming up soon, but for today we are adding a NPC to the Eden Group that will allow Yggdrassil players to vote to be moved to Ymir or Valkyrie when the merger happens. Players who do not vote will be automatically merged onto Valkyrie when the merger occurs on June 26th.
Extra clarification, your vote is for where that particular account of Ygg characters wants to end up, so you could end up on Ymir by your choice or Valkyrie, and the next account could opt the other way.
Quote from: Heimdallr on the WarpPortal Forums
1st off the assumption that should be made is all DB stuff like item stats, monster statistics and drops will be based on 13.2. This is the last pre-renewal we had, 13.3 was our renewal launch.
The quests and such will be set to an earlier setting, IE some contents will not be available at launch, this is so a fresh start can be made without having billions of options open that you can't effectively use yet due to equipment/class restrictions.
This server is only being attempted because of the community and we are in a particularly beneficial circumstances that make this a more reasonable possibility than other servers. We are more closely tied to you all than other servers are to their players (both the good and the ulcer causing interactions), we also have tinkered with enough to be able to swing this from our past experiences.

Some specific things that we are going to do with this server:
  • There will not be a standalone website for a long time if at all, there will be an UPDATE page listing the differences, but no specific info. The web team doesn't have the time in this season of game launches to do it, and frankly the plan is in flux right up until the day we turn it on. So nailing down a new page would be implausible right now. If the server booms that will be changed.
  • No HD ores, those are intended to get players to +10 and higher, this pre-renewal only goes to +10.
  • No 3rd classes (those are a renewal thing that won't be possible under current technologies)
  • Trans will NOT be available at the begining.
  • 2-1 and 2-2 will both be available at the start, so get your 99s!
  • WoE will not be available at all in the begining, at least until we get a good amount of 99s in the server to make WoE interesting.
  • TKM class for sure will not be available at launch, its leeching ability is a bit too imbalancing on a new server where 99 is the cap.
  • BG and KVM will not exist until WoE is at least activated for awhile.
  • Instances may be limited for awhile, except for Orc Instance (may be the 1st time it sees heavy use!)
  • Server will be default rate of 1x 1x 1x, if VIP can be made to work it will enhance those things to 1.5 for those in VIP
  • Item sales are how we are going to sustain the server cost. But of course some items will be different for the pre-renewal server than the renewal server.
  • Some areas will be truncated at start, like rachel, veins, hugel etc until the power level of the server gets to that point.
  • High end gears like Valkyrie gear, Diabolus sets and the "combo items (Morgains, morpheus) will drop in trade/vendable boxes. Once opened they will be account bound. This may seem terrible for you sharing items, but the long run will keep those items more precious, as only un-refined carded ones can be traded.
  • Refining will be default rate, enriched ores will enhance the success chance but not the safety. We may work on an Expend a gear to keep the refine safe, but that will be later for high tier items (the ones in boxes)
  • Currently Costume system won't be available (this is the 2nd most saddening thing for me)
  • Currently VIP isn't going to work either (development time is needed, and not available for a long/infinite time so delay waiting for it would be imprudent)
  • 3 Character slots available, 300 storage, 3% death penalty, if VIP comes into play this will raise.
  • Date of launch. I am so hesitant to say anything because I know we have 1 issue we are resolving right now, it is a show stopper issue. But if it is resolved and all the rest of our ducks are in a row the launch could be at the end of June before 4th of July.
  • Hardware, we are pillaging every underutilized server we have and swapping stuff to make this as high of spec server as we can to be sure that the influx of players is handled. RO specs do have a player cap, if we are sitting at that cap, we will have degraded service, and any new hardware will be only justified on how well the server is doing as a business decision (we would have to purchase whole new hardware set, which is incredibly out of current budget). So basically if we hit cap (possible judging by the buzz) and if the server is like a whole new game running for us in revenue I think we will swing something to make it work.
  • Bots... We are going to have GMs to specificly bot hunt, I pray this is enough. We haven't had as much GM hunting focus in a while so this should be good. Technology answers are being pushed at HQ and worked with our community here. Frankly anything that makes reporting easier, and the GM teams efficiency in removing them (not just banning) will be leaps and bounds better than the current method of GM finding, testing, banning and then manually moving them from the map, doing that for 1 is easy, doing that for 1000s a day becomes impossible.
  • God Item seals/quest will not be available until some item is ready to be made.
  • Eden Group will exist as a "training ground" for new players, to give them a consolidated place to go for advice/quests. Doubtful all the exp stuff will be there, perhaps some sort of weekly target hunt will come later.
Things under discussion
  • Redo monster spawn locations?
  • What about TK, Soul Linker, ninja and Gunslinger
  • WoE 2? Likely well after WoE 1
  • Updates, yes both the ones we truncated out of the server, as well as using what contents (new maps etc) to "fake an update".
  • Your comments below will populate this list here, and help to move discussions to decisions.
  • We are working on a new God item system to couple with the WoE update that is coming to the renewal servers in the next month or so, this may get implemented as best as possible on the Classic server as well.

Quote from: Heimdallr
Added more info to original post.
Target date is June 29th for launch. Below is what was updated on 1st post.

Things under discussion
  • Redo monster spawn locations? Yes we will optimize it to the fun old ways with out the "annoying monsters"
  • What about TK, Soul Linker, ninja and Gunslinger No, these classes will not exist at launch, they will be added in after we update to Transcendent.
  • WoE 2? Likely well after WoE 1 Order will be open -> WoE 1 -> Trans update -> alt class update -> WoE 2 update.
  • Updates, yes both the ones we truncated out of the server, as well as using what contents (new maps etc) to "fake an update".
  • Your comments below will populate this list here, and help to move discussions to decisions.
  • We are working on a new God item system to couple with the WoE update that is coming to the renewal servers in the next month or so, this may get implemented as best as possible on the Classic server as well.
Number 1 issue We've seen. How to control bots? Are we having a payment gate to keep bots out?
  • Pros : No bots
  • Cons : Fewer players overall as it isn't a free to start server.
Considerations: We will have a VIP if we can, this will raise character limit from 1 -> 9.
If you have VIP you can do your class change normally. If you do not have VIP you will need to use the "Magic Stones" which are a Kafra shop item that players can trade in box form to do your class change, from 1st-> 2nd -> etc (reset stone). We will evolve the system as need dictate, IE at some point as much gating may not be necessary so the limit will decrease, or vice versa.
Number 2 issue. Untradable elite gear?!!
Yes it is a new system, but it is one that will not impact game play at all for several months as the gears that would be restricted won't even be obtainable at launch. This will give us more time to plan and see who the community is going before a final implementation is put in place. It is easy to remove such a restriction later, but it is nearly impossible to put it IN after the fact. So I still think it will default to limited status so we can make it easier later rather than harder.

Quote from: Heimdallr
Cosmetic items will be in the game as much as possible. You can't complain about pay2win when the item gives no more power to the character other than looking fabulous.
That said, other items that will be available will likely be:
Battle Manual, Bubblegum, Token of Siegfried, Insurance
Enriched Elu/Ori, only giving enhanced success not safety.
Headgear Dye, clothing dye, kafra cards, Heavy Lifter certificates, Colored Bwings, giant Fwings, Reset stones (for access, not for resetting)
Headgears will be a bit different, the "standard" always in gears could just be for looks, but then there will be no sales, with event headgears having stats and effects. It is already understood that any promotion that is RO-Wide like a lucky box would have to have different stats on the Classic Server for balance reasons.
Account binding IM stuff is a definite option, so you buy hat in a box, box is tradable, but hat inside is not. Lucky Box items would be the reverse of that, box is account bound and those items be tradable (or not). If we never had a consideration of chargeback, we would make Lucky boxes tradable, but reality is what it is and we have to protect ourselves while still operating as openly and entertainingly as possible.

In response to players not wanting account bound equipment.
Quote from: Heimdallr
Come up with a way that players can't pass on their awesome gear to friends, so that accounts eventually have crazy gear that is the combination of hundreds of character work. That is the goal. Those items in pre-renewal value was dropping very fast, and the only way to limit it would be to lower the drop rate, which will just make them an elite item that many will never get the chance to acquire due to limitation of that monster (rather than dilligence or a group to do a raid or some such). I do not want gears being passed on when an account decides to retire.
1. Economy issue, that player didn't have to participate in it.
2. Power tiering gets too crazy for those with connections versus those that start anew.
3. RMT and hack issues. Gear restorations/borrowing/stealing take up huge amounts of GM time and that has to stop. Either we stop doing restores or we nip the issue in the butt before it can be an issue.
Value will remain high because EVERYONE will need to get them, rather than each human getting 1 such item and sharing it among many accounts. The box will be worth less zeny than a +7 would be, but that should be the case now, and it still can command such a price later.
At the start we can have it boxed, you all won't even notice it for a long while because you won't be able to acquire the top tier items anyway until later, we can undo the boxing easily and make stuff tradable, but if we start unboxed it is near impossible to cleanly make something account bound later.
I really don't want to argue, not only because of the belief in the arguing on the internet truism, but also because I do understand and agree with your point on how this limitation can "suck", but I also know why it is being done to make other aspects suck less in the long run.
Valk Gear
Satan Morocc Gear
KVM Gear
BG Gear
Gears that aren't account bound, Slotted versions of items you can buy in shops
Basic "set gear" like morgain's morpheus etc
Level 4 weapons? Not sure, probably not limited.

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