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Forum Cleanup?
« on: October 17, 2014, 08:18:25 AM »
Hey there!

For those that don't know me (I'm going to assume that everyone doesn't since I admittedly don't know you guys at all), my name is Penciltea. I recently have started to help out on updating the Renewal Wiki and I hope to help out with it as best as I can. I know I'm new to iRO Wiki and all, so please bear with me if something I say has been discussed before, or if anything I say seems out of line, or anything like that. I'm going to try to be as polite as I can be and nothing I'm going to say is directed at any one particular individual or anything like that. I also do apologize in advance for my text-wall tendencies. I try to be as concise as I can.

I've noticed... a lot of the threads on the site are very outdated, especially in this particular subforum. I'd been poking around while waiting for my account to be activated, and I (very easily) stumbled upon threads where users complained/griefed/etc. about others. The actual iRO Wiki seemed very friendly and there didn't seem to be much problem there, so I was both confused and alarmed. Had I unknowingly stumbled into a place where everyone was hostile or overly sensitive? Was this a dying group of editors? I didn't entirely understand. And then I quickly looked at the dates of the posts. They were from easily 5 months ago and more, and a lot of them were easily over a year ago. I let out a sigh of relief because it seemed everything had been resolved.

My point is this: yes, I understand this particular subforum is supposed to discuss issues with the staff, the forums, and all that wonderful stuff. It's good to be able to give users a place to vent their frustrations. But at the same time, the stuff I had glossed over was, honestly, stuff I really didn't need to be reading, especially as a new user.

It's one thing to discuss problems and issues in a professional, polite manner. It's another thing to blatantly bash others with emotionally-charged posts. It gives a bad impression of the iRO Wiki users when this happens. For me, personally, it seemed like a lot of the people who were complaining were childish and were throwing tantrums. Of course, I wasn't there and I don't know all of the facts, so on and so forth, so I can't really say such things, but from an outsider's perspective, that's what I felt like I was reading.

So I have a suggestion/proposal. I first suggest that all of these older threads be archived. Unless it's something that should be kept here, such as stickied threads, threads that have important information, or continually-updating threads, any threads that are 6+ months old should be archived. The other thing I suggest is to perhaps modify the "guidelines" post for this subforum. I'm going to boldly assume that the users who are on this forum are also the wiki/db's editors. if that's the case, then we should maintain a level of professionalism for these threads. If you want to goof off and say whatever you want to on the off-topic/tirade threads, then fine, be my guest. That's where such emotionally-fueled statements should be left. But anything that relates to the site as a whole should be handled with a certain level of respect, politeness, and courtesy. We handle the wiki articles themselves in the same manner, I see no reason why the forum shouldn't also be handled like this.
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Re: Forum Cleanup?
« Reply #1 on: October 17, 2014, 12:37:16 PM »
Historically, wiki editors have made up a very small fraction of forum users. The site was created as a general community site for RO discussion, not simply as a place to discuss wiki matters. As such, we've taken the good with the bad.

At this point, activity has died down to a much lower level than it was seven years ago when we started iW. The amount of drama and disorder has dropped with it. I don't have a problem with archiving (though I don't see the point either) but you're not going to see the amount of chaos evident in the old threads found in this subforum any longer.
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