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Behold, I have stolen this first post to create something of a guide for you would be battle priests out there!
However, let it be known that...
"BPs have ugly hair"
Nack's weird and wonderful guide to the macho way
First off, I don't want to make this into some kind of horrible opinionated thing that makes everyone the same build. It's my intention to avoid that at all costs.
My basic plan for this is to first explain exactly what a battle priest does and the advantages of going battle. Then I'm going to post some links to screenies of battle priests and some of my own videos to support what I just stated. Following this I'll outline stats and what they do for you and why you might choose one stat over another. After this I'll give afew suggestions towards typical builds that exist at the moment, including my own, Raymon's and Chib_Chib's(<3). These three builds are actually fairly useful in showing how different builds can make for a different playstyle. Myself - The Glass Cannon. Raymon - The Ultimate defense. Chib_Chib - The Ultimate Criticaler.
Following the talk of stats and builds, I'll couple gears and talk about the maces that you will want to use according to your strength and your skill build. Finally, since I'll have mentioned briefly some of the skills that help certain maces, I intend to go into the various skills that I consider battle orientated and show how they can be put into a battle skill build.
As such, Begin.
Why Battle?
Although choosing to go Battle Priest instead of Monk may seem a little strange and outdated nowadays, Battle Priest is still very much a viable option for good Damage Per Second and all around killing power.
In PVM (player versus monster) battle priests can actually be alot longer lasting and better than Monks in the right environment. When creating a combo monk, there is a certain attack speed you hit when your combos activate too much for your attack speed to be of anymore use. Because of this, alot of combo monks may choose to stop at an acceptable attack speed for initiating their combos and then leaving the rest of their skills to increase their damage. I'm going to be honest straight away, Battle Priest is nothing glamorous like that, theres no skills you're going to be using during battle that are going to be hitting for 3000 damage and such, its going to be you, a mace and the monster, getting real intimate like. Battle Priest (BP from now on because I'm lazy) combat is much like a non-transcendent assassin, you click the monster and then you wait for it to die. However, in terms of damage and survivability; against most monsters, you're always going to be better off than an assassin. Where assassins have Double attack and Improve dodge you'll have access to skills i consider more useful (especially considering double attack is attainable through gears now).

  • Heal to eliminate the need for potions.
  • Agililty-Up to add 12 agility for attack speed and flee.
  • Blessing to add 10 strength (further attack), 10 Dexterity (attack speed, attack and hit) and 10 intelligence (sp regen and healing increase).
  • Impostito manus for 25 more attack.
The list goes on but the biggest advantage is probably the healing of yourself and your ability to bless and party with others better.
My battle priest hits around 1100 damage per hit on everything at the moment and I have 189 attack speed with adrenaline rush scrolls, which is just less than 5 hits per second. My damage is pretty good if I'm going to honk my own horn!
Even though you're going to shine the brightest in PVM, I have alot of fun in PVP (player versus player). I'll admit that PVP for me is alot about picking the right opponent but that's not to say your experience has to be. For example while I'm very good at smushing Assassins and Assassin Crosses, Monks and Champions, Wizards and highwizards, Rogues and Stalkers, and on occasion lord knights; I'm terrible when it comes to targets such as Paladins (i cant dodge MR and they have defense:(). I cannot however say the same for my good friend Raymon; with his high heal, high perfect dodge, high HP, high defence and medium crit, raymon is confident in fighting most of anything in pvp.
MVPing (most valuable player) is also viable with a battle priest. Personally, I only go for the older Bosses most of the time...

  • Dracula[SPOILER][/SPOILER]
  • Phreeoni[SPOILER][/SPOILER]
  • Dark Lord (with a friend)[SPOILER][/SPOILER]
  • Incantation Samurai (with a friend)[SPOILER][/SPOILER]
  • Baphomet (with a friend)[SPOILER][/SPOILER]
  • White lady (Solo) [SPOILER][/SPOILER]
But with a FS priest helping me out i've gone for the majority of the Mvps out there, it's not as efficient as simply guillotine fisting things obviously, but I find it alot more entertaining and rewarding. There's glory to be had lads, aaaarghhh!!-?
Anyway, that's all I have to say to sway you one way or the other. If you still aren't onboard maybe afew videos or screenshots will help?
[SPOILER]MVPing drac
Me in Nameless
Long compilation vid of me killing stuff
Me in Niff 2
The Famous Fagtank[/SPOILER]



Breakdown of Stats
Here's the bit where I'm going to run over the stats that you're going to be wanting. As far as BP's as a whole are concerned, alot of them have points into all the stats.
AGILITY: My favourite stat and probably the most important battle priest stat. Agi increases your flee. Flee (and later on when you transcend, assumptio) is probably your best defensive stat and ideally you want it as high as possible. However, I sacrifice flee quite often for further attack speed or more damage, its really up to you in that sense. However, for the moment, lets be under agreement: higher flee = good.
As far as I know, 1 agi = 0.15 attack speed and again really you want as high attack speed as possible. You dont have any skills to spam to raise your damage so anything that increases your attack speed is good for you. I'll go through the gears that you may want to pick up to increase attack speed later but an example that you're going to want when you hit transcendant is the thorny buckler + bison horn combo. 10% attack speed is hot as hell.   Flee, a quick aside
Flee is increased by 1, every 1 base level. You start at level 1 with 1 or 2 flee and at level 99 you should have around 100 if you've invested nothing into agi.
It should be made clear that it is impossible for you to 100% dodge anything. Even a poring when you're level 99 with a BILLION flee, still has a 5% chance of hitting you. Indeed, the closest you can come to a monster never hitting you is 95% flee. This actually works out okay in some ways, because if you're planning on leveling in a specific place up until level 99, you need only invest in enough agility or flee to 95% dodge and no more. For example a Minorous needs around 160 flee; if you were planning on leveling on minorous forever, you'd need like 40 agi and a mocking muffler (adds 20 flee). Now this is a fairly ridiculous example, but I think it makes the point clear and uncomplex.
Something you'll learn very early is that flee gets divided between monsters. If you have one monster on you, you devote all your flee to that single monster. This is the same for two monsters also. However, when you have 3 or more monsters on you, your flee is divided up between the 3 monsters and your flee rate for any one of the monsters is lower than your max total flee. For example, my priest can pretty much 95% dodge 3 loli ruri's but if you toss a fourth in there it all goes to hell. Sadly, I don't recall how much your flee is reduced per monster after 2. But, realistically, it doesn't really matter, you're not going to be actively looking to get mobbed really and in an actual PVM environment, i've never taken the extra moment to go: "well I have x amount of flee and with this exta poring my flee is lowered by y% so if I keep getting porings on myself I'll be unable to flee in Z number of monsters." Just be sensible and try and keep the number of monsters on you at a max of 3 or 4. Skills like Status recovery and blessing can be used to help reduce the threat of being mobbed when you're fighting demons and undeads. Status Recovery blinds undeads and can make demons sod off on occasion. Blessing, when used offensively, curses a monster lowering its int, dex and str. This means the monster has less hit to hit you and lets you dodge it easier even in a mob. Level 1 blessing does the same as level 10 blessing, it simply has a lower duration on the monster and takes less of your SP. Always gun for using level 1 blessing in a mob (i never hit level 1, i hit bless and then scroll down like 'Ahh!' and end up on level 4 or 6. It doesnt really matter, just try to lower your SP consumption in mobs. It helps in the long run).
Sanctuary hits monsters back away from you, effectively creating a wall they cannot pass to get you. I've never used it this way before but you could technically cast sanctuary between you and a number of monsters so that you could control whats on you more easily. *shrug*
There is a formula for working out how much flee you need to dodge a person/monster with X amount of hit, but I dont really understand it or care to invest the time in trying. If you wanna know whether you can flee something with your current flee, check the wiki's database for the monster and look at where it says 95% flee. That's right, I'm lazy. Deal.
As a further aside; within PVP I think it's possible to 100% dodge another person... but I'm not totally sure. You'd really have to look it up yourself. I don't have all the answers, I am not in the know. I can only see what is above and only from below.
STRENGTH: For most battle priests, this is probably going to be your second highest stat. Str is going to be where the majority of your damage is coming from most of the time.
The higher your strength is, the more slots your weapon can handle. I like to think of it as your weapon being a magnifying glass, the more slots you have, the bigger your lens, but you need alot of sunlight to really take advantage of a big massive lens!
Strength should be put together in multiples of 10. This is when it receives an attack bonus. Your job bonuses work towards your total: so 83+ 7 str would be 90 strength.
To work out your attack bonus you take your strength and then take away one zero. So 90 str would be 9. After you take away the zero, square the number and thats how you work out your bonus. 9x9 =81
.... I think.
So my priest has 43+17 strength including my job bonuses and the stats I get from blessing. Thats 60 attack then doing the math i get a further 36 through my strength attack bonuses.
Make sense?
Strength also does a couple of other lesser things for you. Firstly it increases your total weight limit (i forget how per 1 str and i'm too lazy to check... edit: raymon says 1 str = 30 weight so go with that I guess) and I think it increases your resistance to the bleeding status (again, I cant be bothered checking how much per 1 str).      Quick weapon subsection
I want to quickly explain that due to these strength bonuses it is viable to drop your weapon attack in order to pick up another slot. So a person with 40 strength might be better using a double bloody morning star instead of a triple bloody chain because he will have overall more attack once it's +5 and carded.
+5 Morning Star
30 str = 39 attack
Morning star = 135
39+135 = 174
On a monster with 0 defense lets say it'll be doing 174 damage without cards
Cards = 40% more = around another 69 damage per hit
243 total damage per hit.
+6 Chain
30 str = 39 attack
Chain = 111 attack
39+111 = 140
Cards = 60% more = around another 84 damage per hit
224 total damage per hit.
However, if you were to up the strength to say 90 it would become a different story.
+5 Morning Star
90 str = 171 attack
Morning star = 135
171+135 = 306
On a monster with 0 defense lets say it'll be doing 306 damage without cards
Cards = 40% more = around another 122 damage per hit
428 total damage per hit.
+6 Chain
90 str = 171 attack
Chain = 111 attack
171+111 = 282
Cards = 60% more = around another 169 damage per hit
451 total damage per hit.
So you can see, the higher your strength the more slots you can take advantage of.
DEXTERITY: I always consider Dexterity a fairly strange stat in that it does so very much at the same time. Every 1 Dex gives you 1 hit. Every 1 dex gives you around 0.7% cast time reduction. Every 5 dex gives you 1 attack. Every 4 or 5 dex gives you a small bump in attack speed. As a rule of thumb I would always try to make your dex divisable by 5. This means that you're probably getting the best out of the dex you have and even if that 1 attack seems small, it could be that 5 points in dex adds up to less status points than 1 point in strength.
In the past, although it makes builds look less attractive (thats a big thing to me) i have stuck in an extra two or 3 dex at the end of a build to knock me over into another attack speed. Example 188.99 to 189.03 or something along those lines. Although those extra three dex wont actually give me that small 1 attack, the attack speed it lets me achieve and to a lesser extent those three hit i'm receiving with it, are well worth the points.
For the most part, I'm not too fussy over casting time when it comes to battle priest. Most dex based builds (as opposed to hybrid or crit - we'll come to this later) are going to have around 60 total dex, this allows for around 160 hit at 99. With that you'll probably hit most of the monsters you'll be leveling on without much problem. However, although 60 dex does decrease your cast time a nice chunk, I wouldn't really increase dex simply with the reasoning of getting your cast faster still. The reasoning behind this is simple, as a battle priest, you're not going to be casting many skills. Agility up every 3 minutes or so. Magnificat every 15minutes - NEVER (I dont use it ever, its more for partying. I don't really run out of sp). And of course later on if you transcend, Assumptio. Of course, this is a personal oppinion, I simply prefer to get the most damage out of my stats and dex in that way doesnt help with this aim.
There is a use for cast time as a battle priest however. The skill sanctuary does offensive damage to demons and undeads, while still healing you. It can be a fairly decent way of doing extra damage to an enemy while still keeping yourself healed. Obviously stopping to heal yourself all the time can impact upon your DPS. Other than that however, for me, cast time is negligable.
   Hit, a quick aside
   Every one base level increases your hit by one. Much like flee, you start with one or 2 hit and end up with around 100 at 99 if you invest nothing into dex.
Unlike flee where you can only achieve a 95% flee rate against any one monster, you can achieve 100% hit rating against anything. As a dex based battle priest, this is what you want to be aiming for if you're planning on leveling consistantly on that map. If you're hybrid then you can get away with a little less hit since crits never miss. That being said, crit battle priests often have extremly low dex and hit simply because they have such high crit that they can hit every monster they come accross.
Like flee, there is a formula for working out how much hit you need to 100% hit a person/monster with X amount of hit, but again I dont really understand it or care to invest the time in trying. If you wanna know whether you can hit something with your current hit, check the wiki's database for the monster and look at where it says 100% hit. You are correct, I'm really just that lazy.
INTELLIGENCE: This stat is fairly simple. Int for a battle priest increases your SP regeneration, your max SP pool and finally your healing. For the best SP regen, your int should be divisible by 6. My priest has 20 +22 intelligence. Every 1 int increases your max SP by a certain amount and for the most part, your SP pool will probably be larger than the majority of most monks.
Your total healing is effected by both base level and int. It takes either 8 base levels or 8 int to increase your healing rate. Alternatively you could have 1 base level and 7 int or 6 base levels and 2 int, etc etc. Using a stat calculator, you should check how close you are to a healing bonus when you hit 99. This way, if you're one or two intelligence off an increase, you can keep those points spare and invest them when you decide its time. For example, at level 99 I will have 20+22 int; at this level I am 3 points away from another healing bonus. I decided not to invest anymore points to get this extra heal and so if I am supporting or partying, I simply make it up with gear.
VITALITY: Vitality is another simple stat for a battle priest. It increases your HP and your vit defense.      Quick Defence Subsection
Within RO's current mechanics, there are two kinds of defence in your status window. INSERT SCREENSHOT OF DEFENCE?
Your defence will say something like
DEF: 22+30.
The first and second number are two different kinds of defence. The first number is base defence and IRO's stat window is stupid and wrong when it comes to base defence. However, let's just pretend that it isnt wrong for the moment and establish that 1 base defence decreases all incoming damage by 1%. With 22 defence an attack hitting you for 100 should actually hit you for 78; so in fact if you were to achieve 100 base defense, everything would hit you for 0 and as such, miss you. Now, iRO's status window makes the mistake of including all armour upgrades in its base defense number. This is wrong because when you upgrade an armour to be +1 or something, it only adds something like 0.6 or 0.7 defence, instead of a solid 1 defence. This means that as far as your window defence is concerned, you probably have less than it seems. It should be noted however, that this 0.6/0.7 defence thing only applies to upgrades. If an armour says that it gives 3 armour, then it gives 3 base defence; it's not until you upgrade it that it starts getting its defence added in .6/.7's. Conclusion: if you were wearing an armour that gives 3 base defence, your window defence = 3+X. If you then upgrade your armour to be +4, your window defence = 7+X, but in actuality you only have something like 5.4+X base defence. Just be aware of that. As far as Base defence goes, the more you have, the better.
The second kind of defence is Vit defence. This is the second number in your defence window, e.g. X+37. Vit defence is different from base defence in that instead of reducing all incoming damage by a percentage, vit defence reduces it by your amount of vit defence. Example X + 100 vit defence would make an incoming attack of 150 hit you for 50. At least that's the way i think it works...
Anyway, Vit Defence is substatially less important for a battle priest than Base defence. Most battle priests will not get more than 60 vit MAX so you're probably going to have less than 60 vit defence at any given time. The skill angelus will increase your vit defence quite significantly if you have vit defence to begin with. However, unless you do have more than something like 40 total vit, I wouldnt bother getting it. For example, I know Raymon has Angelus 10 and it adds a nice chunk of vit defence to his overall amount. He does however have a nice high amount of VIT for it to work off of though.
Vitality also increases your resistance to stun and the amount of time that status effects have a hold on you. Every 1 vit is something like 1% resistance to stun. Stun is the status you want to look out for, everything else can be cured with a green potion or blessing.
LUCK: My least favourite stat all in all, but only through personal preference. Luk, much like dex, does quite afew things; the most 'critical' of all these things is probably increasing critical rate. Ha ha ha... witty. Ayway, 1 luk is 0.3 crit so it takes 10 luk to get 3 whole crit. As such, its best if you always have your luk in sets of 10. This is is further supported by the fact that every 10 luk you receive 1 perfect dodge.      Critical rate, a quick aside
Critical attacks are attacks that are surrounded by a big red star. They never miss and they ignore all of an enemies defence. This means that critical rate can be stacked in order to reduce the need for dex. A Full critical battle priest may have only 1+19 dex because he has such high crit that he can never miss. It's also incredibly helpful that it ignores all of an enemies defence. This means that while the dex battle priest is pretty much sunk if they come up against an enemy that is neither demon nor undead and has high defence, a critical battle priest can do almost the same damage on this monster as every other monster on the map.
Critcal has its downside however. In order to crit a monster, you must have higher critical attack than it has. It works like this: Your crit rate - monster crit rate = your critical % chance on the monster. Example if i have 30 crit and a fabre has 3 crit, I have a 27 % chance to crit the fabre. However, if I have 3 crit (which my battle priest DOES) and I go to turtle island, I will crit 0% of the time since all monsters on the island have a crit shield of over 3.
Perfect dodge, a quick aside after a quick aside
Perfect dodge is the number after your flee in your status window. Your flee may be 110+1, the second number is your perfect dodge. Perfect dodge is different than flee in that perfect dodge is NOT affected by the number of monsters that you have on you. In fact, if you had 100 perfect dodge, you could walk around like the king of the world and never be hit.... I think? Perfect dodge is however, difficult to build up. If you see a person with high perfect dodge, its fairly likely that they have items or gears on them that is increasing their perfect dodge. An example of this would be a Yoyo carded accessory or a valkyrian manteau. Both of these items increase perfect dodge by a set amount.
As I stated earlier, 10 luk = 1 perfect dodge. that means you're probably going to be able to get 15 perfect dodge MAX through stats. That is of course if you're willing to wear all Luk gear and have 99 luk and gloria.
Perfect dodge is very helpful in pvp. It doesnt allow you to dodge skills, but attack skills such as Martyrs Reckoning are applied to a normal physical attack, so this particular 'skill' can be avoided using perfect dodge.
Luk also increases your attack, though, alot like dex, it increases it in very small amounts compared to the amount of luk you put in. For example, gloria adds 30 luk, this amount of luck adds a fairly small amount of damage per hit after cards and elemental attack. I know I'm being rather vague about this bit in comparrison to dex but I have never actually been able to figure out how much attack X amount of luk gives, just that it gives attack. Sorry folks!
Finally, luk adds resistance to some statuses. I think it's something like 3 luk = 1 vit worth of status resistance. So 90 luck would be around 30 vits worth of resistance? I could be wrong there, but it's something along those lines.
The tools of you might require to help with stats
I use calcs alot, I enjoy making builds, but which calc would I suggest?
Personally i use this one:
It's not completely up to date with Ro's headgears and such, but its probably the best one out there at the moment.
If you're sensitive to private servers don't click this spoiler.
[SPOILER]Now, I know that people hate to talk about private servers, theyre the taboo and only sinners, rapists, robbers and bog monsters use them right? Well that may be the case, but as far as i'm concerned as long as you're not going to go and play them forever and you're simply going there to test your build and how effective it is before making it on IRO then really, whats the problem? Your account is still paid and it's reasonable for you to want to test the car you're looking at before you buy it and take it home. So here's the conclusion, DON'T use private servers... but if you wanna test your build real quick on one before you invest stupid amounts of time and zeny into a character, then maybe it'd help. A little. I know I've used a private server to work out nack's battle high priest build a while back and my account has been paid since a Pay to Play on iro started and never not been paid. So whatever, yanno? Just don't go "hey this is pretty neat" and leave iro. That'd get me into trouble:yawn:.[/SPOILER]
Basic build suggestions
Even though the number of battle priest builds is seemingly endless, I'm going to keep this fairly simple and give you 4 or 5 build types and name them. understand this, I'm not suggesting these are the only builds, use these as a rough guide and give or take whatever you want from them.
The three main builds i've talked about so far have been, dex based, crit based and hybrid. I'm going to cover these three first and then toss my build and Raymon's build on top as "Glass cannon" and "Ultimate defense". I enjoy the thought of a cannon exploding into glass shrapnel instead of being helpful, it's kinda fun.
Anyway, without further delay...
Job Bonuses
It's important first off that I establish the job bonuses for priest and battle priest. Job bonuses are set stats that are unique to your class and awarded to you when you reach certain job levels. For example, my Battle High Priest is job 67, at job 68 I get another agility. Very exciting.
Here's a link to both Priest and High priests job bonuses and when they occur:
Priest: (scroll down a little for this one. gravity doesn't like updating their site./no1)
High priest:
If you're too lazy to click those links heres the end stats you'll receive:
Priest @ Job 50:
STR - 5
AGI - 4
DEX - 4
VIT - 4
INT - 5
LUK - 7
High Priest @ job 70:
STR - 7
AGI - 8
DEX - 9
VIT - 7
INT - 12
LUK - 2
Dex based build
This kind of build relies on dex to hit the monster, it has little to no crit rating and no perfect dodge usually. With around 80 - 110 total str and base agility of around 90 or more, this battle priest will have fairly high attack and attack speed. Vit is your own personal flavouring, I would however suggest around 30 total if you're a High priest. Example below is just stats, nothing abot gears.
I know i've gone over the max amount of stats here, I'm just saying, this is a nice amount of stats to gun for:
Number 1:
Number 2:
I'll add in some gears a little further down the guide. No worries.
Crit based build
A crit build is going to probably have a little less strength than a dex build, its not really necessary since, the maces theyre going to use will have 2 or 3 slots instead of 4 (spike, veterans hammer or chain/lunar skillet). Most crit builds would choose a spike or a veterans hammer over the other maces available to them, these maces give alot of critical rate. This all being said, most crit builds will have anywhere from 70 - 100 str. Agi will be around the same, if not more. Luk is going to be around 90 to 100 total. Dex will be from 1 - 11. Alot of crit builds should consider getting higher int than a dex build would get, crit builds tend to use a little more SP, keeping up gloria and having to deal with the paper card sp drain (will meet with this later). Again, vit is your flavour.
Build example:
Again stats are more than allowed, gears will fix this.
Hybrid Build
A hybrid build is a build with both dex (hit) and and luk (crit) it's an attempt at arriving at a mid point between the two previous builds. The attack speed advantage of the dex and the defense ignoring ability of the crits. It's a nice idea but it's fairly difficult to do properly, I personally don't like the thought of it. As I said, its a nice idea, but I really prefer going for the gusto and rocking all out, one way or the other, not in between. That being said however, it is very effective if done correctly. You gain the higher attack speed and strength of the dex build, but by sacrificing a little dex and and probably agi, you achieve a reasonable amount of crit and perfect dodge. You do sacrifice some int in doing all this however.
Nack's Glass Cannon build
My build is something a little different, I chop off a hunk of strength in order to gun for the highest possible attack speed. High dex and high agi with no luk and mid to low str. Alot of my attack comes from my weapon and various attack increasing gears (Bloodied shackle ball for example). In the end you're fairly squishy but the idea is to hit so many times that even though you're hitting for significantly less than the other builds, you're doing as much damage as anyone else. The advantage of this build is that it has high hit and high attack speed. The dex sort of makes up for some of the attack lost via strength too... though not much haha.
Signum crusis is fairly vital to this build.
Example build:
Raymon's Ultimate Defense build
Raymon's build is kind of a super hybrid build. He has a little bit of everything and he makes it very effective. While my build is "KILL IT FASTFASTFAST BEFORE I DIE" Raymons is doing just a little less damage but has 0 chance of death. Using high upgraded gears and perfect dodge gears, This build, although it has lower flee, works more effectively against mobs. High HP, High Defense and status resistance (luk&vit), along with perfect dodge make it fairly difficult to kill. The Luk gives crit which means you have some effective means to kill high defense monsters and make up for the lower dex. However, it still has enough dex to hit most things and has enough str to do reasonable damage to most things. The lower attack speed disapears as you trans and gain access to gears like the luna skillet and the thorny bison set.
Example build:
 Some gear suggestions

Alright, below is a quick guide to the various weapons you can use for your BP. It tells you ROUGHLY how much str you'll need to use the weapon effectively. So when you design your build, you can see which weapon you'd be best using.


Chain 3s - Use this if you have 80 - 100 str
Morning star 2s - 1 to 80 ish str (80 pushing it i think)
Veteran Hammer 2s - 1 - 90 ish i imagine (vague guess, untested)
Mace 4 s - 110 str and onwards
Luna Skillet 3s - probably around the same as morning star
Spike 2s - 80+ str i'd say for effective use
Stunner 2 s - 1 - 80 ish str
Gold mace 2s - same as morning star maybe a little lower if its upgraded well
Kalga mace 2s - No idea, its a post renewal weapon, just included it for kicks!


Non kafra shop

Garment - You're going to want something that increases your flee or your agi. If you're crit you may want to sacrifice flee for crit rate and go for a Green maiden carded garment. That being said, with all the new garments that give flee and a slot now, it would be possible to do both if you're willing to invest the cash!

Here are some suggestions:

Valk mant 1s -
Gonna copy and paste!
If used by a Acolyte, Mage or Archer job type:
  • P. Dodge +5
  • Each upgrade gives an additional P. Dodge +2.
A really really nice armour for a high priest. You can end up getting 25 perfect dodge if you some how manage to make a +10 one. I would LOVE to put a choco card into one of these. A +7 choco carded one would be 24 PDodge+ 10 flee! Really nice.

Undershirt 0/1 s
- gives 10 flee and 5 agi, its a nice armour and its slotted. Downside is wearing slotted panties since they do nothing, but 5 agi is enough of a bonus to make it worth while!

Ancient cape 1 s - Gives one agi,  and has a slot. if you slot it with a kavach icarus card or a whisper card, its 20 flee and 1 agi. Sort of like a cheap ninetails carded garment.

Skin of Ventus - gives 200 hp and 10 flee with a slot. Its a nice armour, probably expensive though!

Riders insignia 0/1 s
- 2 agi and If you wear it with Black leather boots you get 10 flee and the agi from the boots!

Morrigaines Mant - 2 luk and 8 Pdodge. Kind of a restricting armour since to get its full potential of the set bonus, you lose the 2 accessory slots and the hat slot too.d

Muffler/Hood/Maidens robe - Obviously these give no stats, but theyre cheaper and esier to come by so you can upgrade them or buy them early on or just card em with cards like the ninetails card for 2 agi and 20 flee.

Other cards you could use:

Bapho jr
Kavach Icarus
Vagabond Wolf
Orc baby
Green maiden

Armour - This is a little more complex. Armour, like your cards in your weapon, will change for each particular place you go. (unless you're lazy and ballsy/stupid like me) For example, odins temple could use a bathory carded armour to stop the Turn undead status (removes buffs and stops you healing yourself) and lower any shadow damage. You may just want to wear an armour that gives HP or attack, thats fine too. Some people might go for armours with cards like Venatu or Ancient mimic cards in, these increase stats according to other stats so, 18 base agi = 1 luk in the case of venatu.

Gear suggestions

Pantie 0/1 s - if you're wearing the undershirt set then this is vital. It doesnt DO anything but it can have a slot. I slotted mine with a porcellio card. 25 attack is nice and i dont generally switch armours (assumptio is overpowered).

Saints robe/Silk robe/glittering jacket/whatever 1s - With the new +3 stat enchantment, these old armours are now useful again. The 3 stats you choose are up to you, but always choose the stat you have the most of. That way you can lower the base amount and get more status points to give to the other stats you might want.

Valk armour 1s - 1 to every stat and you can enchant it right now. 4 to one stat and 1 to the rest is very nice:( if only i could afford a +3 agi enchanted one.

Diablos robe 1 s - It gives healing and reduces skill delay. Its a nice armour reguardless of your build. You cant enchant it i dont think, but it is a very nice armour if you have a good garment that doesnt rely on armour slot.

Holy robe 0/1 s - reduces incoming demon damage by 10%. You'll be fighting alot of demon monsters as a BP, the advantage of this armour speaks for itself and it stacks with your hell buckler. It's also nice if you have a Teddy Bear carded buckler but still want to reduce other incoming damage.

Any of the slotted elemental armours (see below) - Situational armours that allow you to still increase a stat while being resistant to elements.

Card suggestions for armour

Ancient mimic

Shield - Shields are fairly simple, you'll always want to have one until renewal (then its a bit sketchy). There arent really that many that are helpful to us.

Buckler/Guard - Most simple and until you trans you'll probably be using either this or a stone buckler. Its slotted for your carding!

Stone buckler - Before you trans this is probably the best shield for you to use. Alot of demons you'll be fighting will be Large, so the 5% reduction from them is nice.

Thorny Buckler - After you trans, i'd say this is a must have. 10% attack speed with the bison horn is really really really delicious. It gives 5% reflection with the set but you'll find that this is really more of a hindrance than anything else. If you have any autocast skills then they proc off of the reflect and they tend to come at the wrong times when you're trying to to heal or something. Then the delay in your skills kills you :D. Its also awkward if you're using a paper carded weapon , thats 2 sp for every paper card you have and for every monster in a mob its reflecting on you lose the SP! It's really painful.

Valk Shield - reduces 20% of Shadow, fire, water and undead element attacks (element, not race in the case of undead). Eh, i dont really think i'd be using this on any of my characters. Really think it would be better to use a stone buckler or a Thorny! Sorry! Just put it here as a "hey you can use it" thing.

Platinum Shield - Gonna copy and paste!

  • Reduces damage received from [Medium] and [Large] size enemies by 15%.
  • Reduces damage received from [Undead] race by 10%.
  • Adds a 15% chance of using [Magic Mirror] Lv 7 when attacked by magic.
It's a good shield for fighting undeads. Most undeads are medium so its - 10% then - 15%. Again, a nice shield, but i wouldnt use it over a thorny. 10% attack speed is just too nice.

Shoes - Damn, theres alot of shoes. I'll do that tomorrow.

Accessories - God dammit, there are billions of those too. TOMORROW.

Skills - Heres a list of skills you might want to think of getting for now. I'll explain why and for what builds tomorrow. TIRED.


Warp portal optional
Pneu optional but very helpful
Angelus 1 - 2 (or 10 for raymons build)
Signum crusis
Demon bane
Heal 10
Aqua benedicta
Agi 10
bless 10


Impostito manus 5
Asp 3 - 5
Mace mastery 10
Status Recov 1
Kyrie 4 - 10
Gloria 3 - 5
SP regen 4 - 10
Mag 1 - 5 (would go for 1 - 3 but people like mag. Pansies)
Res - maybe
turn undead - maybe
Lex aterna - maybe
Lex divina - NEEDED for nameless island

You're going to use priest skill points in acolyte skills. Its sad but its necessary!




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Nack has spent literally years beefing up her offence to the point where she\'s basically a nuclear warhead made of biceps with razor blade fingernails and a battle cry that sounds suspiciously like the birth of a new planet...


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Re: The "Post Your Battle Priest / High Priest Thread"!
« Reply #1 on: September 09, 2007, 08:18:53 PM »
Awesome.  I was gonna give it a go, but couldn't think of anything decent to post for an OP.  Anything good in store for us with Veins?  I haven't really looked at the new stuff coming.  Guess I'll do that... soon... or something.

I want this thing at least to 95 by the time my FS gets 99.  Do I have it in me?  Sure... but I get awfully lazy.  :[
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Re: The "Post Your Battle Priest / High Priest Thread"!
« Reply #2 on: September 09, 2007, 09:40:07 PM »
No good action screenies, but I'll try to get one at some point soon.

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Battle Priest Discussion Thread - Guide in first post! READ IT. IT HELPS!
« Reply #3 on: September 10, 2007, 02:10:52 PM »
Well said KK

I think it would be nice if this thread was kept specifically for battle priests! I remember looking through the pages and pages of shitty arse full support priests and stuff and thinking "well i really dont give a crap about FS priests:(! gimme more battle!!"

See in THIS situation, i never have to do that again! Woo?!

Letseee Recent screenieeeeee
mmm me getting 92?;_;

Mmmmmmm and thennn my current build which i'll screenie now:D

Again as kinky said:( not really much action! BUT PRIDE >:O?

lol much love chaps

Now Somebody else show me their build for me to ponder over

because i am only pondering right now over as to why the second image i tried to post isnt actually an image:(? lol *confusion*


XD i'm dumb:)

Also! Not much has beeen saiiiid about veins or whatever really and i'm interested in whether or not imps will be good for us to kill with an endow and a double flamable! because if they are i like the look of the job exp they give and the speed i'll be smushing them may be delicious:(

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Quote from: Raymon;486986
Nack has spent literally years beefing up her offence to the point where she\'s basically a nuclear warhead made of biceps with razor blade fingernails and a battle cry that sounds suspiciously like the birth of a new planet...


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Re: The "Post Your Battle Priest / High Priest Thread"!
« Reply #4 on: September 10, 2007, 04:56:57 PM »
posting in a thread with very low activity, luls mint

shut up he was job 45 just shut up
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Re: The "Post Your Battle Priest / High Priest Thread"!
« Reply #5 on: September 10, 2007, 05:10:59 PM »
N> Better weapons/gears. ;(


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Re: The "Post Your Battle Priest / High Priest Thread"!
« Reply #6 on: September 10, 2007, 06:02:24 PM »
your gears look good compared to my gears in the 90s lol bunneh

Your build has alot of dex for crit build though:O
Did you plan it like that? or did you just add here and there as you went along? and i dont mean that in a bad way lol my husband ahls done that on hs mastersmith and he loves his build! but maybe you were in the same situation as him as you made your character i mean! he wanted this and then he wanted that:( and then he went back to the old way so his stats went a little strange!

thats a powerful amount of vit too:O i always said to myself 40 vit would probably be the max i'd ever get on a battle priest build! it seems to just finish your char if you know what i mean!

i loveyour build though:O

Question! Does that quadruple hallowed mace do more damage than a triple hallowed chain? I was under the illusion that you needed 110 - 130 str for to use a mace efficiently! Was i incorrect? tells me the secrets lol

Quote from: Raymon;486986
Nack has spent literally years beefing up her offence to the point where she\'s basically a nuclear warhead made of biceps with razor blade fingernails and a battle cry that sounds suspiciously like the birth of a new planet...


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Re: Battle Priest Discussion Thread
« Reply #7 on: September 10, 2007, 08:14:42 PM »
I didn't plan for that much dex when I made my BP, but when I started leveling it a lot, I wanted more. I was gonna go for the 36 dex but for some reason I liked the look of the hit I have with 46, plus sometimes when I crit I don't really crit a lot so I like having more dex. <3
I also really love my vit, I was planning on woeing a bit on my BP so I wanted a little more vit/hp. Even if I'm not woeing I still like having ~7k hp.

The only reason I use a quad hallowed is because my only other hallowed weapon is a +6 tri hallowed chain, due to my lack of zeny. /wah
The quad hallowed does do a tiny bit more than my chain, though. Not a lot but still a bit more. I'd really like to get a +8~9 double hallowed titan chain when I get more zeny. ;(

And yup! So close. ;D
90.1% now. <3

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Re: Battle Priest Discussion Thread
« Reply #8 on: September 11, 2007, 04:21:17 AM »
Haha Smashing darling smashing!

Congratz in advance! See if you can beat my crappy 99 party with a total of 3 people? *thrust thrust* woohah! mmm that amuses me in fact:O
anyone have any BP's 99ing videos for to share with me?:D
heres miiine

the plan was for me to use a red envelope after killing somebody in pvp so it looked like i 99'd off a person in pvp. However, I didnt realise that back then the red envelopes only worked during the couples quest time..:( so once i used it i got a whole lot of nothing and no 99:( Sooo i was screaming about dead branches and nobody had any so the only choice was to fuck up some moocows! :D
Share with me your 99 videos:( pictures.. whatever:D

EDIT: while looking for that youtube link i found this video i made a while ago on a pserver, granted it is on a pserver so yeah yeah i get all that that its not legit and stuff, i was just using it to test out some stuff with my build! here it is:

Also i know i used AR on myself so i got like 5% more attack speed than i usually would but i'm not wearing the flappy wings and because of the slotted undershirt i have afew more agi than i actually need for the next attack speed so i'm hoping upon hope that i hit 189 with normal AR and a zerk! I cant actually check yet cause that server doesnt have the flappy wings on at the moment and doddlers calc is a little behind but its all very exciting to me:D! Oh and yeah i know i wont be hitting for 1.2ks because PT is giving me like 20% more attack or whatever than it usually would too! I recorded the video before i thought about it!

Much love chaps:D
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Quote from: Raymon;486986
Nack has spent literally years beefing up her offence to the point where she\'s basically a nuclear warhead made of biceps with razor blade fingernails and a battle cry that sounds suspiciously like the birth of a new planet...


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Re: Battle Priest Discussion Thread
« Reply #9 on: September 11, 2007, 01:06:32 PM »
Ahh fun to see this thread live on after the demise of RagnaInfo. I was the original poster of the old thread, when I wanted more insight on my own Priest and shared experiences with others. He's not my main anymore, (sobsob) but I still love him anyways. This is my current BP:

Here's an old WoE video of me in action:;8531741;/fileinfo.html
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Re: Battle Priest Discussion Thread
« Reply #10 on: September 11, 2007, 01:13:05 PM »
I gotta say, Battlepriets are easily the awesomest class to see runnin around/lvling and pretty darn fun in pvp. I've made a couple but they all seemed to fade away with time. But this thread is re-igniting my inspiration to make a BP!!! Wanted to just ask - since I intend to pvp a lot with my BP(just cause i love pvp) - if anyone could share their builds/equips/experiences with pvp on their BP's? How it turned out, if you were successful, i have no doubt that it was fun but if anyone was willing to share..?
^^~ thanks in advance and don't give up on your BP!
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Battle Priest Discussion Thread - Guide in first post! READ IT. IT HELPS!
« Reply #11 on: September 11, 2007, 03:47:30 PM »
i got a +9 prime saits for my 99 present :D My friend got it for like
38 mil :D which was really freaking cheap at the time! it was awesome

I'd like to make a battle priest guide =o

I think i'm gonna try =o
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Quote from: Raymon;486986
Nack has spent literally years beefing up her offence to the point where she\'s basically a nuclear warhead made of biceps with razor blade fingernails and a battle cry that sounds suspiciously like the birth of a new planet...


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Re: The "Post Your Battle Priest / High Priest Thread"!
« Reply #12 on: September 11, 2007, 06:19:58 PM »

I adore your build.  o_o  Good luck on the 99, hope HP goes well too.  :3

I haven't had a chance to level this much lately, nor anything else for that matter.  :x

Complete with Tam killin' gear.  I switch out the counter brooch for another crit ring when I use zerk + AR.  I want her at least to 95 by the time my FS hits 99, which isn't too far off.  Think I'll take a break from the FS at that point to get this one closer to 99.  Just... need... moar... time.  x_x
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Re: Battle Priest Discussion Thread
« Reply #13 on: September 11, 2007, 07:03:02 PM »
Weeeee. I remade my BP again =/. But this time things are looking up! Made her an hour before main. was hopin to hit 25 but got hung up reading a forums. ^^~
I like how my agi plus is the same as my base dex xD. anywho - wish me luck!

`Fay: 9x/50 sin
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Re: Battle Priest Discussion Thread
« Reply #14 on: September 12, 2007, 09:36:48 AM »
I was also thinking of making a BP guide. However, I don't have any experience in PvP/WoE so I decided not to.

Here's mine! I level him on and off so I don't get too bored, though he's still my main. And seemingly one of the more talkative BPs on my server(?). (Yeah, I know my gears are garbage but they work.)