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Help us, help you!
« on: July 08, 2009, 06:31:17 AM »
When posting a thread, please give us information about your machine specs so we can help you better.

  • Always give your operating system (and service pack if possible). If you use Vista (Or Windows 7) specify if UAC (User account control) is on or off.
  • If you're having video issues, post the make and model of your video card (and if you run RO in full screen or windowed mode) (with the driver version if possible).
  • If you're having sound issues, post the make and model of your sound card (with the driver version if possible).

Mini-Troubleshooting FAQ

Q: How do I run a tracert?

A: Follow the steps here for Windows operating systems (may be slightly different on each version).

So on and so forth. Good luck!
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