Author Topic: 5/29/2013 Maintenance changes  (Read 1355 times)

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5/29/2013 Maintenance changes
« on: May 29, 2013, 09:29:16 PM »
Remember maintenance will now be from 9am-12pm PDT (3 Hours). Guild leaders do not forget to get your treasure!
  • Turn In Updates to come participate here: http://forums.warppo...ti-sugg-thread/
  • Taurus Crown and Diadem lose their 20% EXP Bonus
  • May Groove Pack Leaves the item mall
  • Strange Orc activity has been seen around Prontera.. it is almost as if they are planning something... something dark
  • Double EXP Leaves
  • The 30 day tradable God Items will not be disappearing in the future, owners of these items will be able to recover new 30 day versions permanently.
  • Rachel Spotlight continues, next big update is June 5th (D-Day eve)
  • Last week of Prontera Costume Pack, once it leaves the shop we will be distributing the safe to +10 and +7 promotional items.
  • The item stacker will now recognize Mystical Amplification scrolls

Based on suggestions found in the TI Sugg thread, how do these look?

Low TI: Headless Mule/Dark Priest
Mid TI: Ancient Mimic/False Angel Anubis
High TI: Errende Ebecee/Frus

Strange Orc activity has been seen near Prontera. It is almost as if they are planning something.

Voting NPC will be added for Guild Leaders vote on a new WoE II time for us to try out on the week of June 12th. Please post suggested times in this thread and I will have it added to the NPC.

Double EXP ends

Options for our rescheduling test

Fridays 4-6pm (Current time)
Fridays 5-7pm
Saturdays 4-6pm
Sunday 6-8am

You can only vote once, so choose the one you really want.

After discussion with the Production and GM Teams, it has been decided that the 30 day tradable God Items will be available indefinitely.

Will be creating a 2013 patch notes part III next week.

Community requested Specific Maps changed to just-before-renewal spawn settings will be getting our custom changes back.

Glast Heim Maps
Clock Tower Maps
Geffen Dungeon