Author Topic: 7/3/2013 Maintenance changes  (Read 1778 times)

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7/3/2013 Maintenance changes
« on: July 02, 2013, 04:21:16 PM »
All timers over 1 hour have been reduced by an hour to compensate for the cooldown timer log.

Vanargand Helm, Fortier Masque, and Wood Goblin nose become tradable/vendable

Double exp and drops event ends. VIP returns to it's normal benefit on July 10th.
ASPD bonus on magician's night cap being fixed.

Prontera spotlight out, Veins Spotlight in.

Anniversary and Prontera Festival event ends July 10th.
Turn ins:
70-100 Deviruchi/Rybio
101-125 Naga/Cornus
126-150 Gold/Blue Acidus
We have tested and will be making the Second storage available as a VIP benefit. The third storage will only be accessible by using a Kafra Card, but making the second storage a VIP bonus is something we definitely wanted to make happen.
Campitor: Some of you have been asking for clarification on how the new storages will work. Please see below.


Q: Will if I be able to pull items out of storages I no longer have access to without VIP or Kafra Cards?

A: Unfortunately access is an all or nothing thing. So the only way to pull items out (or put them in) is via VIP or Kafra Cards
Q: My friend will be returning but never got his items sorted out post merger. What can he do?
A.: If your friend writes into the GM team they can give him a few days to sort out his storage. However this will only happen once per account.
Q: Will the storage item limit change?
A: At this time the item limit of each storage is not intended to change.


-2x Drops and EXP leave
-VIP benefit stays for one more week
-Anniversary quest and Poring Festival stays for one more week
Working on a plan of action to unbind high level equipment sets and implement stronger but account bound versions, looking at next week for these to become unbound.
Veins, Thors Volcano and Nameless Island implemented on Classic
Spotlight on Veins!


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Re: 7/3/2013 Maintenance changes
« Reply #1 on: July 04, 2013, 12:00:11 AM »
Could someone please explain the unbound bound thing?