Author Topic: 7/17/2013 Maintenance changes  (Read 1671 times)

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7/17/2013 Maintenance changes
« on: July 17, 2013, 03:52:04 PM »
Eclage Rumors about a King quest fixed. Stuck players can speak with Eclage Guard Minuel to proceed with the quest after maintenance.
Selected Kafra Shop Boxes being made vendable
  • Neuralizer Box
  • Marriage Covenant
  • Battle Manual Box
  • Insurance Package
  • Bubble Gum Box
  • Token of Siegfried Box
  • Job Manual 50 Box

Groove pack items added to Boxter, Boxter will give Groove packs for Brownie points
Ur Greaves effects corrected to match in-game description, will properly lower maxHP until upgraded.
Gramps is being moved behind the counter to keep him from being mobbed
-Fixed Merry Badger dialog
Kagerou Oboro gear update:
Fixed and error with the Kagerou/Oboro item enchanter
-Raksasa Dagger & Huumas were not being recognized as valid
-Samurai Spector now drops Huuma Thunder (Kagerou/Oboro Weapon)
-Ice Titans now drop Huuma Fluttering Snow (Kagerou/Oboro Weapon)
  • 70-100 Wraith Dead/Bathory
  • 101-125 Ancient Mummy/Zombie Slaughter
  • 126-150 Skogul/Frus

Alora's box stays in, and the exp bonus for these headgears has been extended:
Costume: Puppy Headband
Costume: Blank Eyes (Only available by trading in the box)
Costume: Detective Hat
Costume: Bunny Band
The bonus runs until August 14


-Through some experimenting we've done we have found a way to display some of the hidden stat enchants on Classic.
This only works for items that have a slot with a card in it, for example:

Frilladora, Dokebi, Leaf Cat, Alligator and Demon Pungus repeatable exp quests added.
Last month's Lucky box items leave boxter's list, and Groove Pack items will be exchangable. Boxter will be giving out July Groove Packs.
VIP Exp/Drops bonus leaves