Author Topic: 08/07/2013 Maintenance changes  (Read 1576 times)

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08/07/2013 Maintenance changes
« on: August 07, 2013, 01:22:34 PM »
Summer Gear Box distribution got delayed last week, I apologize. Tuesday is when we will be doing the distribution.
Mid TI map change to Thanatos tower 4
70-100 Freezer/Heater
101-125 Dimik Green/Dimik Yellow
126-150 Little Fatum/ Egnigem Cenia
Maintenance returns to it's normal 9am time after last week's mix em up.
July groove pack departs.
RWC USRC Equipment Boxes return for a two week engagement.
Lucky box next week
Veins Spotlight departs and Louyang spotlight arrives.
4:20pm August 6th Summer Gear Boxes have been added, please check Code the Redeemer to make sure that you received your boxes. Thank you very much for your patience.
-Large number of community reported description errors fixed:
Cat Ear Beret - Physical -> Physical/Magical
Red Pom Band - Magical -> Physical/Magical
Little Angel Doll - Defense 2 -> Defense: 4
Mjolnir - Property : Wind -> Property : Neutral
Mjolnir - add description -> Adds a low chance of auto-casting Thunderstorm while attacking.
Megingjard - name fixed and fixed description of effect
Sleipnir - Max HP/SP +10% -> Max HP/SP +20%
Sleipnir - INT + 25
Brisingamen - Proper spelling fixed and Increases Heal effectiveness by 6%
Incarnation of Morroc Doll - Required Level : 1 -> Required Level : 70
Waterdrop Brooch - MaxHP +80 -> MaxHP +1%
Crystal Pumps - Removed "Female Only"
Ring of Flame Lord - Add increase chance of auto-casting when worn with Ring of Resonance
Valkyrian Manteau - % chance of reflect -> Enables a 5% chance of reflecting melee damage received
The Sign - Add description +5% Atk / Matk
Bloody Cross - A mace in the shape of a blood red cross infused with dark power. It's blood red color makes you feel uneasy. When dealing melee physical damage, has a chance to autospell Hell Inferno Lv1. Increased refine rate increases the chance of activation.


-Primo D' Buffer being added to Prontera.
For non VIPs' level 5 agi up
For VIPs  agi up and +3 all stats bonus, no cooldown.
-Magic stone requirement removed for changing to a second job
-July Groove Pack leaves
-New Loading Screens
-King Poring hat effect fixed to no longer eat your DEX
Veins Spotlight Ends, Louyang Spotlight begins