Author Topic: 08/21/2013 Maintenance changes  (Read 1660 times)

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08/21/2013 Maintenance changes
« on: August 21, 2013, 05:42:50 PM »

Internal testing continues with Navigation and new training grounds system.
King Poring Quest leaves, the coin redemption NPC will stay in for one more week so you can turn in your remaining currency.
RWC box leaves, but the re-roll coupons and NPC will remain.
August Lucky Box is out of the Kafra Shop.
-Sonic Amplifiers will be properly dropping from creamy fear now
VIP bonus for two weeks: 200% exp, 200% drops, 15% death penalty
-Amatsu/Louyang spotlight quests fixed. Now if you are doing or have done the Louyang spotlight first you will be able to go back and do the Amatsu golden dragon helm quest. You can still only do the Louyang spotlight quest once.
Turn ins:
low: Mace Kobold/Enchanted Peach Tree
mid: Venatu/Hodremlin
high: Incarnation of Morroc (golem)/Banshee Pom Spider


-This will likely run 1/2-1 hour longer for testing of the slotted mid quest and USRC
-No WOE Saturday due to many of the guilds that usually participate competing in USRC.
-Slotted mid quest, can run through once per character for a chance at a slotted middle headgear
-Hode turn in fixed
-VIP exp/drops/death penalty boost for 2 weeks
-Expanding the "100 point+ Red Dress Hat" promotion. You can receive one per server so if you spend points on Renewal and Classic you'd be getting a headgear for both.
-Hode repeatable exp quest fixed
-Prontera warp pass location being changed to be closer to Primo D'buffer [for real!]
-Hypnotist being added back to central prontera, offering skill resets for characters level 40 or under.
-August Lucky box in for one week:

[SPOILER]Gives one of the following at random:
1 Leo Diadem
1 Leo Crown
1 Virgo Diadem
1 Virgo Crown
1 Campfire Hat
1 Drooping Lif Hat
1 Amistr Hat
20 Mega Resist Potion
20 Mental Potion
20 Party Blessing 10 Scroll
20 Party Assumptio 5 Scroll
40 Enriched Elunium
40 Mystifical Amplification Scroll
50 Token of Siegfried
80 Abrasive[/SPOILER]

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Re: 08/21/2013 Maintenance changes
« Reply #1 on: August 21, 2013, 06:04:28 PM »
Did my first editing in Irowiki [TI change this week]. Hope the edit is good.
Someone needs to put up the double event information on the main page. :D