Author Topic: Patch: 09/11/2013 Maintenance changes  (Read 13895 times)

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Patch: 09/11/2013 Maintenance changes
« on: September 19, 2013, 09:57:19 PM »

Renewal Participation prizes distributed to characters indicated by your team leaders.

Turn Ins:
Low: Noxious/Antique Firelock Kapha/Waste Stove
Middle: Draco/ Hillslion
High: Parus/Little Fatum
Mid TI map changed to Thanatos tower 4
High TI map changed to Ice Dungeon 3
VIP bonus leaves
Talk Like a Pirate Event (fight monsters, get treasure maps and find loot!)
Starting NPC is at Prontera by (154, 120)
Lighthalzen Spotlight Quest: The Feathers of Fate pushed back a week for retooling.
GM Mercenary Scrolls and Monster Transformation scrolls added to Granny Boxter's list
Medicine Bowl, Holy Water, Scells added to list of items that can be sent through the mail system
Safe to 7 certs added to list of items that can be put in a buy shop
One more week of the September Groove Pack (leaves on September 25th)
Monster Tamer (Tame item seller) will return to Izlude


September 18th
-OCA Update. Monsters that drop OCAs will no drop Ancient Card Albums, which contain miniboss cards.
There is a NPC in southern Prontera that will exchange old OCAs for ACAs

The following monsters have had their OCA drops changed to ACA.
Golden Savage
Gloom Under Night
Amon Ra
Naght Sieger
Depero of Thanatos
Dolor of Thanatos
Maero of Thanatos
Odium of Thanatos
Am Mut
Ifrit, Kiehl, Randgris and Valkyrie Randgris' MVP rewards have also been updated with ACAs
The Seal quest was updated to give ACAs instead of OCAs.
-Talk like a Pirate Day Treasure Hunt Event
Starting NPC is at Prontera by (154, 120)
-Lighthalzen Spotlight Quest: Feathers of Fate Coming next week
Boxter fix
Special event seller moves to be closer to other Kafra Shop employees in Prontera
Event: Card rates doubled temporarily as we evaluate drop rates for important items.
Primo D' Buffer added to Eden Group

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Re: Patch: 09/11/2013 Maintenance changes
« Reply #1 on: January 03, 2014, 12:45:32 PM »
Excuse my post, but have the GM's any more information on the graphical update that is "coming"?

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Re: Patch: 09/11/2013 Maintenance changes
« Reply #2 on: January 03, 2014, 01:48:21 PM »
If by "Graphical Update" you mean the DirectX 9 backend update then: The developers told iRO that it is unfinished (currently DX 9 is only on kRO Sakray's client).