Author Topic: Bugged Skills?  (Read 1262 times)

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Bugged Skills?
« on: April 28, 2014, 08:24:56 PM »
So, just came back after many years, and got back on my old accounts. Eventually, I got to some of my alchemists, and while most didn't have anything different, I noticed some... changes to some of my homunculi.

This is my unevolved Amistr. As you can see, it has Mental Charge, which works as normal. It makes Amistr's tankiness even more tanky (Has barely over 300 def prior to skill use, and 497 afterwards). However, since it wasn't evolved, it never had a 4th skill, and I didn't spend points on it. Yet, it's a level 3 Mental Charge.

This is my evolved Filir. As you can see, instead of it's ultimate skill that it once had, in its place is now Self-Destruction. Both aren't terribly worthwhile skills, but nonetheless, it was a change. These two were the only ones out of my homunculi to have a change in skills.

Now, as nice as Mental Change is sometimes for my Amistr, Blood Lust would be better. As it is unevolved, it remains to be seen whether Mental Charge would be kept, preventing me from getting Blood Lust, if Blood Lust would overwrite it, or if I'd get both skills.

Has anyone else had any sort of skill changes like this?