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Default WoE/PvP/PvM/MvP Critical Hybrid

STR: 90
AGI: 115
VIT: 95
INT: 2
DEX: 79
LUK: 37

For "no KvM, Godly,WoE set etc etc..." gear:
GMG or anything with +ATK or %race or %critdmg, angra mantis or dark pingui mid and low
Sapha set(ancient mimic/marc/pasana armor,matyr shoes)
Linen's glove (kukre) if aspd not fast enough and that is if you can afford or RT if crit not high enough (with sapha I think it is more than enough) or can't afford the glove
Infiltrator (demi)/ Durga (non demi) (paper or aunoe and if no FCP slave then get another infil with golem)

For good aspd:
Food AGI and DEX+20
Guarana candy
Enrich celermine juice

More effective if you enchant hood +AGI 3 or 4 on 2 slots, you will have 191++ with increase AGI or maybe 193 if you got any +aspd/+agi item and mid/low hg

Can do RC/CRS/CI with decent damage on PvP/WoE...mainly crit with high damage (especially hard MvP)

Actually our main survivability skill for WoE/PvP is Cloacking Exceed and Hiding skill (and Back Slide for PvP), imagine GX without any of them...use them well (exceed got several seconds global delay which is annoying) and always use hiding on/off to cancel exceed

Several kind of people to beware on WoE(poison them if waste your time) :
1. Sorcerer who stop on a cell focus on dispelling GX purpose (hit them when they're busy)
2. Sura with really well prepared gear (you can try to play with them when they are busy with body relo or casting spirit, 1-2 second crit dead or alive then exceed run away as far as you can, pray the guy doesn't have insane reflex on his hands and don't try to touch him in split seconds after you exceed for escaping purpose or he stop moving to wait for you to hit him, you wil get CCed or BSed)
3. RG with full defensive build (only waste your time and pots or just wait til someone dispel him then you are on)
4. SC shadow form whore (especially while crit, use hiding n exceed well, watch out for masq)
5. GX (hiding2x-hit-exceed-hit-hiding2x, use well especially on 1 vs 1 situation, use menace too)
6. RK break weapon runes or whatever it is (golem or FCP+pasana, watch out for dragon howling and water spiral)

Use VI only for bluff on WoE/PvP (change to Holy/fire, if miss then change to shadow), but EP+VI on Neutral MvP
And always take converters on whatever kind of situation....

It is not really good build so please be nice with me Thank You...

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