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heimdol pls :(
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Default Equipment and Cards

So I've been wondering, what kinds of cards and equipment do you prefer on your LK? I'd mainly like to hear opinions on a few cards and armor sets.

Magni's set: I personally like the Str and Def bonuses a lot, and find it one of the best armor sets for PvM. The only disadvantage is not having a card slot for headgear, which means you can't use Incubus/Carat cards for the extra SP.

Pirate Bandana[1]/Marionette Doll[1]: I'd like one with an Incubus Card, but it's quite expensive and I'm not sure it's worth it. How helpful is an Incubus carded headgear in Thor for example?

Echio Card vs Porcellio Card: Echio adds +15 Atk, and +500 HP for swordman classes. Do you think that's better than the +25 Atk and -5 Def from Porcellio? I personally find the Echio Card quite appealing, and plan on using it when I don't need elemental armors or Earth Deleter.

Diabolus Armor: Anyone using it? The Str bonus seems nice for PvM, but I'm not sure if it's a good idea to make a set of elemental Diabolus Armors.

Feel free to add more equipment and cards on the list. I'm probably missing some vital pieces of basic LK equipment there.
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Default Re: Equipment and Cards

Magni set is amazing for tanking, I usually use more SP oriented gears for leveling. The str it gives is nice, but in places like thor, you are better off with SP gear.

Incubus/maestro are incredibly helpfull in thor. I think with how expensive incubus is, I would rather put it in sunnies. If you do not have the money for sunnies, get a +9 maestro bbc for about the same price. The str should not really be a problem for common LK leveling spots. In thor, I use fastasm sunnies and a Maestro bbc, and rarely do I have a problem with sp in the durration of Assumptio.

Definatly take Porcellio over Echio. You should decide if you want to go offense or defense, not both.

Can't say much about the diablos armor.

All of the gear you mentioned PvM obv.
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