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Default Last Question: Skill Comparison

Knuckle Arrow Vs. Tiger Canon

Which causes more damage and does one have an the advantage over the other in WoE?
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Default Re: Last Question: Skill Comparison

Tiger cannon will cause more burst damage, AoE, but the AoE is very small compared to other skills. Also, it can be interrupted, which at melee distance would make it difficult to get off sometimes.

KA is instant cast, VERY long range, and causes more damage over time. Also cheaper to use, doesn't kill you in the process (TC can sometimes do more damage to you than the enemy).

TC might be useful if you can get it off on top of a recall, but then you're standing on top of an entire guild. Not sure how long you'd last like that.
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Default Re: Last Question: Skill Comparison

Plus KA would stop that recall.

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