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Gallery Rules

Post by Vienna » Thu Jul 20, 2017 9:48 pm

All things posted here must be either owned by the person posting or posted with permission from the creator (with link back to original preferably). Please do not go to a site like DeviantArt and pull images you like from there to post here to claim as your own. People found to be stealing art will be banned from this forum.

Commission Post Rules:
  • Commission threads must be clear about what server they are commissioning for.
  • Do not flood your first post with a ton of examples. Posting a few inline in the post is okay, but feel free to add more via links to offsite examples.
  • All Examples of art must be SFW. If you link to a NSFW website to show other examples, it must be CLEARLY listed as such.
  • Commissions for in-game items such as hats, gear, and zeny are allowed.
  • Commissions for Kafra Points/WPE or Kafra Items are allowed.
  • Commisisons for IRL money is fine.

Trade for anything from IRL money, to game items and points is to be done AT YOUR OWN RISK. We can not do anything to recover your lost payment. Let us know in private if this happens with proof and we ban the person who ripped you off from our forums.

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