RE:Start Datebase BETA release

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RE:Start Datebase BETA release

Post by Vienna » Fri Aug 04, 2017 6:38 pm

I've currently updated a Database for RE:Start and am releasing the current progress for BETA viewing and bug reports!
Reports can be made on Discord or here in this thread.

Campitor has not supplied us with the following: He's in contact with me though and they should be on their way soon. [TM]

Things you can help with:
Odin's standard EXP setting is 1.25x. Remember to toggle this in the DB settings options before telling me something is wrong with the exp fields!

If you do find something very off in the EXP of a monster, please report it and include the following information with the report.

Monster name:
VIP? Yes/No
Party Size? 1~12
Battle Manual? Yes/No
Job Manual? Yes/No
Is there currently an EXP event on? Yes/No

For missing monsters please report the map name (like prt_fild03) that can be found easily in game with the /where command.

For missing/shouldn't be in the DB items, please write out their full name and include the slot amount such as Holy Stick[1] or the item's ID number to make it obvious with item it is. Sometimes to DB has two similar items with the same name (such as Novice Figure) where one is nothing like the other.

As always, any questions/comments, let me know.
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Re: RE:Start Datebase BETA release

Post by Vienna » Sat Aug 05, 2017 11:01 am

Change Log:
  • Corrected world map issue where Morroc was exploded. Maps should now appear for all Sograt Desert areas and have their proper mouse overs for their spawns
  • Finally beat out the gremlin that was causing the Element Tables to not correctly show renewal Element Damage Tables.
  • Found the code for hit/flee calculations, this info should now be correct. Report any weird errors please
  • Monster Search should no longer be pulling in monsters who aren't available
  • Fixed the bugs in the Monster Search not showing the proper hit/flee when searching for 95% hit/flee.
  • Working on more monster search gremlins. Fixed the hit/flee again so it now searches for the proper hit/flee ranges but I somehow managed to break the base/job exp search in the process.
  • Fix the base/job search, please report any other errors that come up!
  • Due to a thRO site blatantly stealing our database maps and not crediting us with them, I've watermarked all map images.
  • Gear/Weapons in the search is now pulling from the RENEWAL DB so we have the proper defense, etc. Problem is there are a lot of things there we shouldn't have yet. Working on creating a visibility field in the DB for RE:Start to hide things that aren't available yet. This might take all day as there are a metric assload of entries to manual check.
    • Weapon Search should be curated now. If something was accidentally turned on/off that should be off/on, give me the item name.
      Currently unsure on element bows and survivor rods (have they been nuked so no longer useful?) let me know!
    • Gear Search should also be curated but I need to fix the upgrade lines in the search.
      Again, let me know about missing/incorrect items you find. Unfortunately with the OBB abuse we suffered a lot of things that are not supposed to be in are ingame. Some are disabled in-game making them useless but others have slipped through.
  • Updated some incorrect monsters on C_tower4, gl_cas01, and gl_step. Please any additional report missing/incorrect spawns! Just telling me "the map is wrong" on discord isn't going to help me. Please say what you found/didn't find that is different on the map.
  • Forgot to post yesterday's edits. Can't remember exacts but fixed some monster spawn issues.
  • Corrected a weird bug that came up in the World Map when I replotted the missing morroc fields. For some reason my changed to the map names didn't save and it had 3 copies of map 4 and and 9 or something weird.
  • We've got a modified version of Kaddy's Database editing tool in testing for RE:Start. It will allow other people to make edit to the database which will be submitted for approval from the DB admins. I will likely be putting a push on this sometime this week to have it available for players who want to help with the DB. Once I'm ready to release it I'll post more about it.
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Re: RE:Start Datebase BETA release

Post by K3816 » Sun Aug 06, 2017 8:20 pm


Just wanted you to know that Mistress spawns in mjolnir_05.

Thank you for the hard work.

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Re: RE:Start Datebase BETA release

Post by Vienna » Mon Aug 07, 2017 7:18 pm

K3816 wrote:
Sun Aug 06, 2017 8:20 pm
Just wanted you to know that Mistress spawns in mjolnir_05.
Does she spawn in two locations or just on 5 instead of 4?

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