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Minyans Of Irie: A mobile game inspired by RO!

Posted: Tue Aug 08, 2017 10:01 am
by vent4ever
Hello iROWiki!

My name is Andres and I made a cool game called "Minyans of Irie" for Android and (soon) iOS! The game combines a base-sim building mode with a top-down twin stick shooter. A lot of the items, mechanics and skills were heavily influenced by my love of RO (You'll definitely notice the similarities when you see them). A big thanks to Blueness for letting me post here!

Its available for Android now and iOS next month! It is free to play with ads or remove them forever for $0.99

If you're ever on the go and crave building a base, using weapons, casting skills, using stat points and gearing for harder zones please try it out! If you like it please leave a review on the app store :)

All relevant links below!
On the Google Play Store ... .Falldream

Teaser Trailer on YouTube


Minyans of Irie Website

Minyans of Irie Subreddit (for feedback and bug reporting)