November 1st Ragnarok RE:START Maintenance

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November 1st Ragnarok RE:START Maintenance

Post by Xepherian » Tue Oct 31, 2017 8:10 pm

Magus wrote:November 1st, 11:00AM - 3:00PM PDT

  • 25% Drops Event ends
  • Refine Event ends
    Enriched Elunium and Oridecon ​​will return to costing 15 Silvervine.
  • Costume Box 10: Dreamland will be available in the Cash Shop for 100KP or from the Silvervine NPC for 120 Silvervine
  • Older costume boxes, 5-8, will be removed from the Cash Shop next week, be sure to do any last minute costume box shopping this week!
  • Majorous Spawn Increased again (Original 5, Current 50, New 75)
  • Izlude -> Juno Airship will start making round trips.
  • Hypnotist Implemented for characters level 40 and lower.
  • Halloween Trick or Treat event continues until Nov. 8th!
    Trick or Treaters will be all around Midgard. You can either give them a treat or demand a trick, depending on your actions... something good...or bad... may happen.
  • Our Halloween Crossover Event, A Nightmare on Prontera Street, ends on Nov. 8th. Be sure to check out this quest if you haven't already!
    Adventurers of all stripes are invited to cut loose as famous stage director Cres Wraven weaves a story. Journey through your worse nightmare and to the near future in search of secret clues, but whatever you do, don't fall asleep.
    This is a crossover event with Ragnarok 2! You will want to check out their Halloween event too in order to get the full experience!
  • Costume Box V: Cute Pets - Leaving Next Patch 11/8
    Veil, Spell Circuit, Scratching Cat, Warg in Mouth, Lightning Speed, Earth Goddess Flower, Bunny Headdress, Black Cat Ears Beret
  • Costume Box VI: Fall In - Leaving Next Patch 11/8
    Diabolic Headphones, Falling Leaves Aura, Fan in Mouth, Lady's Feather Hat, Lude Hood, Monochrome Cap, Pumpkin Head, Sepia Cap, Straw Rice Bag, Test Subject Aura
  • Costume Box VII: Fairy Dreams - Leaving Next Patch 11/8
    Robo Eye, Rabbit Ear Hat, Pigeon on Shoulder, Little Angel Doll, Kitsune Mask Hood, Darkness Helm, Captain Carocc's Hat, Angel's Masquerade
  • Costume Box VIII: Spoopy Spectre - Leaving Next Patch 11/8
    Servant Devilring, Red Subject Aura, Magic Eyes, Loyal Servant of Morocc, Gram Peony, Floating Ghost, Dwarf Beard, Cat Eye
  • Costume Box Spooptacular
  • Costume Box 10: Dreamland *NEW!

Figured it wouldn't hurt to post here so there could be discussion. Feel free to let me know my formatting is garbage.

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Re: November 1st Ragnarok RE:START Maintenance

Post by umizu » Tue Oct 31, 2017 8:49 pm


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